Rain Bird's New LNK WiFi Module Offers Remote Irrigation System Access

Plug-in device and mobile app provide simple irrigation management and automatic weather-based scheduling adjustments

Tucson, AZ, December 14, 2016 --(PR.com)-- More than three decades ago, Rain Bird pioneered remote irrigation system access with the development of the Maxi III System for golf courses. Now, Rain Bird has made remote access and control available for residential and light-commercial irrigation systems with its new LNK WiFi Module.

“Over the past few years, home automation has become increasingly popular, allowing individuals to manage lighting, thermostats, appliances and more from their mobile devices,” said J.Elias Campos, Rain Bird senior product manager. “We wanted to develop a similar irrigation management solution that provides real value while also being easy to install and use. We feel we’ve achieved that with the LNK WiFi Module. Not only does it offer simple remote access, but it can also help irrigation sites use up to 30 percent less water with critical, real-time alerts and integrated water management features.”

The LNK WiFi Module is a small device that plugs into an accessory port on Rain Bird’s new ESP-Me and ESP-TM2 controllers. Contractors can also install the module with existing ESP-Me installations after swapping out the controller’s old front panel with the new WiFi-compatible version. This provides contractors with a straightforward, simple upgrade opportunity that doesn’t require replacing the controller.

The LNK WiFi Module provides complete irrigation system management via a free downloadable mobile app. The module receives weather information from the Internet, automatically adjusting system run times on a daily basis. It also provides users with notifications on their mobile devices that assist with troubleshooting, system diagnostics and operation while providing meaningful weather event alerts.

“The LNK WiFi Module is ideal for property owners who want to manage their irrigation systems remotely, as well as for contractors who manage multiple controllers at multiple sites,” Campos said. “Contractors can quickly group controllers by geography, subdivision, street or any other way they prefer. This improves technician efficiency and simplifies service calls.”

Thanks to the LNK WiFi Module, irrigation sites can meet even the most stringent water restrictions. In fact, when the WR2 Wireless Rain Sensor is installed with the LNK WiFi and the ESP-Me controller, customers benefit from an EPA-WaterSense-certified solution.

“At Rain Bird, we’ve been manufacturing efficient, reliable irrigation systems for more than 80 years,” Campos said. “Now, with the LNK WiFi Module, contractors and property owners can access and control compatible systems from anywhere in the world.”

For more information about the LNK Wifi Module, visit wifi-pro.rainbird.com. To learn more about Rain Bird’s many other water-efficient irrigation products for the residential, commercial, golf and agriculture markets, visit www.rainbird.com or call 1-800-RAIN BIRD.

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