JetPack Aviation Investment Opportunity for Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

Legendary Hollywood inventor Nelson Tyler and serial entrepreneur David Mayman make major breakthrough in personal flight.

Long Beach, CA, December 15, 2016 --( JetPack Aviation, a leader in personal flight engineering, has smashed the technical barrier to controlled personal jetpack flight. Using twin custom modified jet engines, Tyler and Mayman have built a small, lightweight engineering marvel that delivers true Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL). The duo’s jetpack runs on standard automotive diesel fuel, is small enough to fit in the trunk of a standard car, and delivers jaw dropping power, maneuverability, stability, and dependability.

The JetPack Aviation team is now offering techno-visionaries the chance to own a piece of their company via Crowd Funding platform StartEngine. For more details about JetPack Aviation and becoming an investor, visit

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