PREMIER Biosoft Announces the Release of SimLipid® 5.50 to Support Automated Data Analysis for Shotgun Lipidomics

A high-throughput workflow for PIS and NLS based shotgun lipidomics workflow enabling target and discovery lipidomics is now available in the latest version of SimLipid, a software for mass spectrometry data analysis.

Palo Alto, CA, December 22, 2016 --( PREMIER Biosoft today announced the release of SimLipid® v. 5.50, which provides an automated data analysis solution for shotgun lipidomics workflows. The program exploits the features offered by multiple precursor ion scan (PIS) and neutral loss scan (NLS) methods of triple quadrupole (QqQ) mass spectrometers. This functionality enables lipid species identification and subsequent quantitation and comparison of the identified lipids across biological samples. Native file formats from Waters Corporation (.raw) and Shimadzu (.lcd) instruments are now supported as well.

PIS and NLS full scan methods of QqQ mass spectrometers only detect lipids that create well-defined fragments e.g., polar head groups, fatty acyl moieties and specific backbone features in MS/MS scans. This unique feature of the workflow not only facilitates targeted lipidomics but also discovery lipidomics. The current version of the SimLipid database stores 5227 unique target masses and enables automatic interpretation of PIS/NLS based full scans. These masses correspond to 1179, 393, and 221 unique fatty acyls and 49 head groups from glycerophospholipids, glycerolipids, and sphingolipids categories respectively. The program also enables user to further populate the database with new lipid species along with their corresponding PIS/NLS based target masses.

“Shotgun lipidomics offer high throughput, limited sample prep time solutions for targeted as well as discovery based lipidomics,” said Dr. Vladimir Shulaev, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences at the University of North Texas, TX. “PREMIER Biosoft’s SimLipid software provides not only a fast data analysis software solution for shotgun lipidomics but also a reliable single-platform software solution for all the major mass spectrometry based qualitative and quantitative lipidomics methods. This enables the researcher community to make use of the high quality data generated by multiple sophisticated mass spectrometry based workflows to help understand their function in all biological systems.”

“At PREMIER Biosoft, we are committed to providing cutting edge software solutions for advancing lipidomics research,” said Arun Apte, CEO at PREMIER Biosoft. “SimLipid addresses the daunting task of interpreting large data sets generated by mass spectrometry based shotgun lipidomics workflows.”

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