Indices Master Welcomes a New Stock Market Analysis Tool, iTrend

Indices Master has recently launched its new Stock Market Analysis Tool, iTrend. iTrend is a strategy which can measure short to medium trends. Due to its flexible nature, it easily blends and adapts according to market situation.

Surat, India, December 23, 2016 --( Indices Master has emerged as the leading Stock Trading Advisor since its inception. It is a SEBI approved Stock Investment Advisor. Indices Master strongly believes in building partnership with clients. Highly qualified professionals team at Indices Master have rich experience in financial sector. Backed by world class infrastructure and technological platforms, the advices from Indices Master are based on in-depth research by the expert professionals. Also, Indices Master do not charge any upfront fees nor has set up fees to join them.

iTrend has been formulated by the experts at Indices Master. It is a statistical and technical trading analysis tool capturing short to medium term trends. The best thing about iTrend, according to the experts at Indices Master, is that iTrend uses Machine Learning Mathematics which is beneficial for optimizing the frequencies dynamically. iTrend is based on constant market analysis where money is parked with limited risk. When discussed about the client’s feedback, stock investment advisors at Indices Master believe in clients as their partners. This helps them to build a long lasting relationship with their “partners.”

The unique feature about iTrend is that the client will receive every notification about each step that is being taken on behalf of them for their good returns to be taken for their good returns. According to the experts at Indices Master, iTrend is one of the biggest developments in the stock and equity market trading history.

iTrend allows clients to use the trading strategies in their own separately managed account. That means each client can keep their funds in their own name and decide for themselves exactly when they would like to invest in and where they would like to invest in. Once a client has sufficient finance to invest, iTrend will make trades on behalf of client’s account with the click of a buttonprovide trade recommendations at appropriate intervals.
Indices Master
Dharmesh Patel