Physician Publishes New Book and Network to Increase Healthy Weight Loss

A newly released book and network provides a solution to recognizing a person’s physical uniqueness as well as reducing the anxiety of committing to lose weight.

New York, NY, December 24, 2016 --( Dr. O.Bey is announcing his first book, "EAT One/Half" that makes weight loss easy along with the launching of a new digital EAT One/Half Network, as a virtual resource. The book is available for purchase on Amazon, Seattle Book Company, and

A nutritional support and critical care pulmonary physician, Dr. O.Bey is founder of O.B. Healthy. A weight loss company, it provides EAT One/Half as a brand of products offering support with goals for losing and maintaining weight. Structured around health and wellness, the company offers nutritional insight to customers, giving it a competitive edge in healthy weight reduction.

The book addresses a much needed solution in using common sense to win the battle against weight. Guidelines emphasize good health practices and daily walks as wholesome ways to downsize. Whereas, the weight loss network delivers quick access to a daily charting of calories, meals, recipes, exercises, and inspirational quotes.

Built digitally to assist with food choices and the right portions, the network is accessible on all internet devices at Based on customized, goal oriented weight loss, Dr. O.Bey’s use of the EAT One/Half approach with overweight patients is rooted in three decades of experience. He says, “My initial aim was to deal with the prevention of chronic illnesses related to obesity, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart decease, and cancer.”

Modernized overtime, the approach stirs determination to succeed at lowering weight. Methods integrate with different lifestyles and personal dietary favorites. These are reasons why patients advised Dr. O.Bey to publicize EAT One/Half. But, a constantly super busy workload limited plans to make it widely known.

In a recent interview with Deb Bailey, blog host on Secrets of Success for Women Entrepreneurs, he refers to having slow typing skills. However, a saving grace for composing content without keyboarding was buying a new cell phone with dictation capabilities. Dr. O.Bey explains, “It worked like magic because I could be creative at anytime and anywhere, which was perfect.”

He is still active in finding solutions for patients with significant medical problems and the need to decrease weight. Suggesting ways for them to improve health and lose extra pounds simultaneously. Dr. O.Bey’s approach comes out at a time when CDC data show nearly one third of the U.S. adult population will face serious health consequences and shorter life expectancy due to excessive weight.

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