Attack of the Killer Shrews: Now on DVD

Niagara Falls, NY, December 29, 2016 --( "The manner in which Attack of the Killer Shrews wallows gleefully in its low, low budget brings to mind the films of legendary independent studio Troma" -Scream Magazine

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Attack of the Killer Shrews, the wildly entertaining splatstick remake of the 1959 cult classic "Killer Shrews" has made its home entertainment debut on DVD. Starring Bill Kennedy as Sheriff Martin Blake, Liz Houlihan as B-movie Scream Queen Fiona Rae, and Jonathan Rogers as high brow professor & author Charles Perry, this deliberately awful display of puppetry follows a group of misfits as they defend the world against an invasion of monstrous killer shrews.

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Included in the DVD is special commentary, a behind-the-scenes making of the film, deleted scenes and closed-captioning. “I hid some Easter Eggs when I did the closed-captioning,” smirks Ken Cosentino (Director/Writer/CEO), who had the painstaking process of typing the closed-captioning for the film; he continues, “I did it because I want viewers who are hearing impaired to be able to watch and enjoy Shrews, and I wanted to give them something extra with the Easter Eggs.”

Complete with horrible shrew puppets and a special cameo by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment, Attack of the Killer Shrews combines Mel Brooks style humor with a classic drive-in creature feature.

"Ken Cosentino is a brilliant director,” says Kaufman who first met Ken on Troma’s Return to Return to Class of Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1 & Volume 2. “Troma has a history of finding young, talented filmmakers, including Trey Parker and James Gunn, and I believe Ken Cosentino will have his place among them,” says Kaufman.

Other cast members include: Marcus Ganci-Rotella (Lewis) who is Professor Perry's slimy literary agent, Cheryl Szymzack (Cassandra) Lewis' better half, Mick O'Keefe (Murdock) the crazy scientist responsible for the madness, Baird Hageman (Wayne) Sheriff Blake's deputy and "his cousin", Bill Brown (Wilkens) the disgruntled Scotsman who is enduring Round 2 with the Shrews, and James Ventry (Captain Jack Frost) leader of the military sent to end this outbreak.

87 minutes
White Lion Studios
Ken Cosentino