Celebrate Valentine's Day with Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Book of Love

Grab the One that You Love and Curl Up with Your Book to Discover Everything You Ever Wondered About Valentine’s Day.

Ashland, OR, January 31, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Bathroom Readers’ Institute and Portable Press announced today the company’s plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Book of Love. It’s the perfect present for that special someone.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Book of Love will tell you everything you need to know about that always mysterious emotion (love) and its trappings. Read about the world’s most extravagant diamonds, the origins of some of our favorite love songs, and great romances in history. Find out what makes lipstick shimmer, how children define love, why brides wear veils, wacky ways to get married, and much more.

“Here at the Bathroom Readers’ Institute, love is always in the air. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Flag Day, or just Wednesday, we’re always celebrating that little thing called love,” says Uncle John himself. “To honor all the sweethearts out there, we've compiled this collection of love-ly things. From love stories to proverbs to historical happenings, it's all here.”

Settle in with your beloved and read about:

…Couples who got hitched underwater and in midair.

…Dating on reality TV.

…Wedding dresses of the rich and famous.

…Hot Hollywood love stories.

…The three Valentines who inspired the holiday.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Book of Love is available wherever fine books are sold at the publisher’s suggested retail price of $12.95.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series is one of the longest-running, most popular humor collections in the publishing industry. With more than 7 million copies in print, Uncle John taps into a vast resource of hidden readers – the 66 percent who admit to reading in the bathroom. That’s why Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers have been a must-order for book and gift stores worldwide for two decades.


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