Pit Stop Introduces Its Premium Repair and Replace Service

Bengaluru, India, January 04, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Pit Stop introduced its premium ‘Replace and Repair Service’ last month. Individuals opting for the services shall enjoy immediate assistance by the Pit Stop’s car experts for the wear and tear that happens in the registered car under the premium service. The company's car experts address the issue either by repairing the existing parts or by replacing it with a new part, depending upon the condition of the parts.

As per the company’s CEO, the clients do not need to worry about the judgment of their car experts as they have years of experience in their field. The suggestions given by them for the client's car repair shall deem to be accurate and transparent. This is the driving factor that has lead to the setting up of a massive base of 300 customers in just 30 days and the company feels proud of it.

The operations head of the company shared the fact that the customers do not need to worry about the genuineness and authenticity of the spare parts that shall be availed to them during the car service. The car parts are acquired directly from the car manufacturing company and therefore the question of it being not genuine doesn’t arise.

Pit Stop’s car experts understand the emotion of the car owners with their car and therefore treat the customer’s car as their babies. The company sets an inspection timetable for each registered car under the service in which the minor, as well as the major issues in the car, are identified. Thereafter a miniature report card of the car is created. A record of these report card is maintained in the central database.

The company’s mechanic refer to these miniature report cards by accessing the central database at the time of repair. According to the company’s CEO, referring to these report cards, help the mechanics in understanding the car’s overall health and thereby use it to support their judgment for the car repair.

The company’s marketing team shares that the Pit Stop’s product is unique in itself and has no competitor in the market. They added that the use of technology and historical car health’s record gives them a strategic advantage over the existing players in the market. The one month’s growth speaks for itself. While the company’s marketing campaigns have helped them fetch in customers, however, the majority of customers have approached them through referrals. The company has a goal to grow by 200% each month for the first year which they feel is easily achievable and the company is already on the track.

In order to book the premium service, the customers can call the company’s customer care number or fill out an online form available on their website. Post receiving of the request, the customers would get a verification call from the Pit Stop’s customer care executive wherein after verifying the details of the customer, the order would be confirmed.
Nirant Ramakuru
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