Pit Stop Includes Car Wash Service in Its Catalog

Bengaluru, India, January 04, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Ever wonder, that even after cleaning the car every day in the morning, there still is a probability of getting a better car wash to have a zero dirt level and minimal level of micro-organisms in the car. This can be achieved with the help of a professional cleaning service like the one provided by Pit Stop.

In order to take care of the issue, Pit Stop has introduced a service called the "Pit Stop Car Wash and Detailing Service." The company also refers to it as a car spa service. Under this service, the company promises to deliver an elegant and classy look to the car such that one cannot stop glancing at it, after getting washed from the company’s service center.

The company offers a transparent car service where the charges for the car service are declared upfront. Further, the company’s branded garages are supported by certified, as well as, well-trained technician with years of experience.

To offer comfort to their clients, the company offers a free pickup and drop service. To let customers know about the status of their car, the company offers a tracking service. Clients can pre-book the car wash service easily with the help of the Pit Stop’s application. As soon as the booking is done by the client, the company’s executive gets in touch with the client, confirms the details and assigns an executive who would pick up and drop the car at the client’s location.

The company offers a wide variety of car wash services ranging from an exterior body wash to fully automated holistic car wash. Each service would be accompanied with a genuine invoice with a detailed break up of all the services availed by the client. In case the client wants to cancel the booking because of some genuine reason, the company won’t charge any cancellation charges.

The company gives several options to its clients for payment. Customers can either pay using the mobile application or can directly pay cash at the counter. Download the Pit Stop application today to start using their services.
Nirant Ramakuru
+91 80 3951 1241