In Win Launches IW-RS-02M Series Storage Server

Features: Lockable front cover, toolless designs, with 6 or 12Gb SAS connection.

Taoyuan, Taiwan, January 04, 2017 --( In Win Development Inc. officially announces the IW-RS-02M medium-sized (depth 625mm or 24”) storage server chassis with lockable front cover, toolless features and removable fan module. It also has 6 or 12Gb SAS connector with or without expanded backplane options. This chassis is designed for users who demand security, easy installation and quick maintenance.

If users value security, the IW-RS-02M series offers a lockable full metal front bezel, which can be customizable upon request. This feature can safely lock all hard drives at once with a key so that users do not need to lock the hard drives piece by piece. This cover provides a unique look, constructed with quality materials and confidence in your storage safety. The one-piece top cover allows easy access by simply pressing the two thumb buttons push outwards.

The IW-RS-02M series includes toolless, hot swappable fan modules to make installation and removal easier. Users can shift the fan wall to fit accommodate up to an EEB sized motherboard. The other benefit of having an adjustable fan wall is to keep your system cooler since its more efficient at cable management and won’t trap the hot air.

In Win IW-RS-02M series includes:
IW-RS104-02M 1U 4bay 6Gb SAS storage server chassis
IW-RS208-02M 2U 8bay 6Gb SAS storage server chassis
IW-RS212-02M 2U 12bay 12Gb SAS storage server chassis
IW-RS316-02M 3U 16bay 6Gb SAS storage server chassis
IW-RS424-02M 4U 24bay 6Gb SAS storage server chassis

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Victor Yeh