Acceleration Systems Launches New Intent-Based Optimization Solution for the Cloud

Company unveils its next generation intelligent performance enhancement solution for faster and smarter internet.

Cleveland, OH, January 05, 2017 --( Acceleration Systems, a cloud-based optimization company, today announced the launch of its Intelligent System for Advanced Acceleration and Control (ISAAC). ISAAC provides next generation intelligent SD-WAN optimization for the cloud.

Acceleration Systems created a comprehensive network performance enhancement solution that is dynamic and responsive to real-time conditions. With its intuitive network traffic management technologies, ISAAC resolves the issues of interactivity with cloud-based applications that current WAN optimization solutions cannot address.

ISAAC includes five modules working together seamlessly to manage network demands, making the Internet faster and smarter.

• Velox – Intelligent web and content delivery technology that dramatically improves web page and content load time.
• Streambed – Dynamic transport layer management that restores full data transport rates to all networks, regardless of latency or packet loss, and works for all data types including streaming media, video, and encrypted data.
• Celero – Data compression that reduces data payload and dialogue reduction which mitigates the effects of latency using traditional WAN optimization functionality.
• Priori – Packet prioritization and flow control combined with advanced, knobless QoS.
• Cloud Access Provisioning Systems (CAPS) – An Operational Support System that delivers integrated visibility, management, and remote control.

ISAAC is a lightweight, all-software solution with flexible deployment options ideal for broad range of business types, networks, and geographical locations. The ISAAC software stack can be deployed virtually, embedded in a partner environment, or through a low-cost dedicated appliance.

“The release of ISAAC is the culmination of years of R&D that has been driven by our deep understanding of how data moves on the Internet,” said Mike Kister, President and CEO of Acceleration Systems. “The root cause of bottlenecks and poor performance of the cloud is a complicated and multi-dimensional problem. ISAAC is truly a comprehensive solution, bringing together multiple technologies into a single, lightweight package that is easy to manage and cost effective to deploy. With the introduction of ISAAC, Acceleration Systems is now positioned to lead the SmartCloud revolution.”

Acceleration Systems is an innovative SaaS optimization company focused on solving the connectivity challenges of the modern Internet and dedicated to solving tomorrow’s technology problems today. With a first-of-its-kind comprehensive platform, Acceleration Systems offers a suite of advanced technologies providing intelligent network traffic management. The company is focused on enterprise branch locations, ISPs, and infrastructure vendors that serve industries with priority optimization needs including maritime, aviation, oil and gas, satellite communications, and remote retail.
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