Touchscreen Keyboard for the Blind Debuts at CES 2017

Shift™ by Qwertyfree - The Amazing No-Look Typing Solution

Las Vegas, NV, January 05, 2017 --( CES 2017 attendees who visit Qwertyfree (booth 51451) will be the world’s first to take Shift™ for a test drive.

Shift™ by Qwertyfree is the first on-screen no-look keyboard to make typing on home media devices and smartphones fun, fast and intuitive. Special focus in the design has been invested for users who are visually impaired or blind. For the first time those who fit that description will have access to the same intuitive technology that makes Shift™ so productive and enjoyable to use.

"Developing a keyboard that offers the blind and visually impaired the most power, consistency and ease of use has been a primary driver here at Qwertyfree," says founder Peter Tooch.“ That focus has led us to new insights in clarity and ease of use. As a result, anyone who wants to type fast and easy - without looking - should take a closer look at Shift™ and its many applications.”
Peter Tooch