Alpha Nodus Brings Gravity IoT Platform to Lighting, HVAC Industry

Groundbreaking connectivity and intelligence ecosystem will re-invent energy efficiency indoors.

Austin, TX, January 07, 2017 --( Alpha Nodus, a technology innovation company, has announced a revolutionary new software and hardware IoT platform for the enterprise lighting and climate control industry. Called “Gravity,” it promises to be a highly secure, all-inclusive platform that combines machine learning and predictive analysis to deliver energy savings solutions with lower deployment costs.

“The IoT industry in general is very fragmented, with 20+ wireless radios, protocols and standards to choose from and no emphasis in interoperability. Gravity is here to solve that,” stated Shamit Patel, Alpha Nodus Founder and CEO.

Another big concern in IoT development is security; a breach on one device can compromise the entire network. “IT Admins are reluctant to have any IoT devices be connected to their corporate network, and they should be. Gravity allows the lighting and climate control industry to build connected devices that can be deployed without needing a host network, using proprietary ultra-low power mesh,” Patel added.

For the lighting industry, this means lower deployment costs and new revenue streams from Gravity location services. For the climate control industry, products can maximize energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

In addition, unlike any other IoT platform, Gravity includes free cloud connectivity. This allows for real-time secure 2 way communications, OTA firmware updates, and intelligent system updates at no extra charge. “Other IoT platforms are expensive, driving up costs for both the solutions and charge on per device per month/year model,” said Patel.

Alpha Nodus is currently looking for beta partners to help develop lighting/HVAC products on this new platform. “Gravity is now available. Request access today to qualify to receive free development kits,” Patel stated. The application can be submitted at

About Alpha Nodus

Alpha Nodus was founded by Shamit Patel with the mission to feed the needs of the next 20 billion connected devices. Their motto is: “Build Things, Create Experiences. Let GRAVITY pull the rest together!”

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