New Leaf Education Honors Talented Indian Youth in Rubiks Cube

Honoring Indian Youth in excellence and achievement

Mumbai, India, February 13, 2017 --( New Leaf Education (NLE), in Mumbai, India, continues its initiative to globally honor Indian youth. Many talented Indians across the globe deserve recognition for their unique achievements.

Aryan Kejriwal, a 16 year old Rubik’s cube enthusiast, has earned 49 medals over 3.5 years in 25 competitions in an unusual sport, Speed Solving the Rubik’s cube. Aryan lives in New York City, NY and attends Cubing Competitions in the US and in India. His most recent achievement was on Jan 28, 2017 at the Monument Mountain High School in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Aryan won the gold medal in 5x5x5 at a average time of 1 minute and 5 seconds. This places Aryan at 46th out of about 10,600 cubists in this category; He is in the top 0.44% in the world in this bracket.

The World Cubing Association (WCA), started in 1982, is the official organization supporting the sport of Speed Solving. Its delegates hold and monitor the competitions. There are about 17 different varieties of cubes. Each official participant has an online record of their categories, times, world position. The WCA has over 65,000 and growing, participants globally.

Speed solving is the act of solving a Rubiks cube, each face of the cube having the same color, in the fastest time possible. A 3x3x3, the most popular Rubiks cube, can have over 43 quintillion permutations and combinations. A cubist has to be able to recognize the pattern and then determine which sets of algorithms to apply. When a competitor is speed solving, he must choose to apply a series of algorithms to the patterns recognized.Some algorithms take fewer steps while others take longer. An adept cubist is one who is able to determine the algorithm with the fewest steps. Cubing is definitely an extremely skillful sport that requires vast training and competence.Winning occurs at fractions of seconds between competitors.

Aryan has earned a total of 19 golds (1st place), 18 silvers (2nd place), 12 bronzes (3rd place) in a total of 25 competitions. "My focus is on the bigger cubes, 5x5x5, 6x6x6, 7x7x7. They take more strategy and have more room for improvement," says Aryan.

Aryan carries a respected name in the cubing industry. At age 16, he qualifies as a professional cubist. He looks forward to attending events and learning from those better than him.

New Leaf Education recognizes the sport of cubing and is proud of the Indian youth who dedicate themselves to excellence in any talent.
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