Mizzy Mula: An Upcoming Hip Hop Artist is Becoming an Online Sensation

Young Artist Has Been Featured on Numerous Blogs and Magazines

New York, NY, January 10, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Stars Magazine blog has featured Mizzy Mula, a hip-hop artist and an inspiring sensation in the industry. Ever since he stepped into the industry, Scream Team Ent.’s Mizzy Mula has been featured on numerous blogs due to his gifted talents and exceptional artistic abilities. The talents of this rising star were discovered at a very early age and he has been unstoppable since. He got recognition at a large scale when a fun music video he made with his friend went viral in New York about 2 years ago.

Starting as a YouTube sensation, Mizzy Mula is now getting major recognitions across the United States and his fans are increasing in number. His two new singles titled ‘Love Games’ and ‘For The Street’ are scheduled to be released in 2017 along with a number of other projects he is working on for the year. The song that has been sending waves of sensations among his fans is called ‘Add It Up’ that is all about success and dreams come true.

“One day I was adding up all the money I had in my pocket and I maybe had a couple of thousand at the time,” Said Mizzy Mula in an interview to the Stars Magazine. “I was feeling good that day, and this song came out of that. It’s kind of my money anthem. It’s like a victory song. When you feel like you’ve accomplished something, that’s something you should celebrate,” He added.

Scream Team Ent. has been working with Don Diego Entertainment Group and TalkUvTheTown.com, and will be releasing his debut mixtape ‘SBlock Don’t Sleep’ through there platform. TalkUvTheTown.com has reached out to legendary DJ Big Mike the Ruler to host Mizzy’s mixtape, which he accepted to do.

Fans can listen to his music online through his channels on YouTube and Sound Cloud. In addition, he is also present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Mizzy Mula fun music video that went viral two years ago is a sounding proof of his talent, expertise and understanding of the audience. Since then Mizzy Mula has been riding a wave of musical success. His approval from the fans and the love he has received over the years is a testament of his hard work as well as dedication and the year 2017 is expected to be the best year of his career so far.
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