Southern Water’s Approach to Customer Engagement: Exclusive Interview Released

SMi Group release new interview with Water Efficiency Manager of Southern Water, Ben Earl, ahead of his address at the 6th Annual Smart Water Systems this April.

London, United Kingdom, January 11, 2017 --( SMi Group have released an interview with Ben Earl, Water Efficiency Manager- Southern Water, ahead of his address at the 6th annual Smart Water Systems conference in London on 24 and 25th April 2017.

With a special focus on social issues surrounding smart water systems in terms of customer inclusion and engagement, Smart Water Systems 2017 will welcome the expertise of Ben Earl in a presentation that will show case Southern Water’s approach in developing meaningful partnerships with their customers to increase the spread of engagement and ensure that tangible benefits are realised. The talk will feature Southern Water’s smart metering programme and explore the smart innovation used to help customers save water and money.

Currently working for Southern Water Ben Earl specialised in water efficiency. He is involved in developing future strategy, implementing new business models and delivering ambitious water efficiency targets.

In the run up to the event, SMi Group spoke to Ben regarding his work and customer engagement in the water industry.

When asked what the biggest challenges the smart industry is currently facing, Ben Earl said:

"The biggest challenges that we are facing are with the availability of water and how we help our customers use less in the future. The South East is already officially declared as in ‘water stress’ and with an increasing population and less water likely to be available from the environment because of climate change then the supply/demand balance will tighten further. Empowering customers to see the relationship they have with water and appreciate its value will help them with their own bills, connect the link with energy use and aid those habitats such as chalk streams which provide the water for supply and are home to countless wildlife species."

Commenting on why customer engagement is so important to the work he is doing, he said that it is the heart of being efficient with water.

"Customer Engagement is at the heart of the entire water efficiency programme being delivered by Southern Water and our partners. We offer a bespoke service that seeks to engage with each member of a household and uses behavioural techniques to ensure that we see real, meaningful changes to how people use water."

The full interview is available to read in the event download centre at

Other notable presenters at the conference include: Thames Water, Scottish Government, WaterSmart Software, United Utilities, Veolia, Northumbrian Water, Severn Trent, Southern Water, Energy Saving Trust, Irish Water, University of Exeter.

For those looking to attend, there is a £200 early bird saving available online ending on 31th January 2017.

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