Best Selling Author Releases Children’s Book Packages to Teach Children English and Spanish

To commemorate the success of the third release in the bilingual children's series: "The Adventures of Donna Sophia." Fibre Publishing is offering all three books along with a tote bag, a t-shirt, and a signed toy by the author for a discounted price, with the intentions of reaching households that want to introduce their children to Spanish or English as a second language. They can be purchased for a limited time at

Lake Dallas, TX, January 12, 2017 --( Amazon Best Selling Author Robert Filer announces the third release in his children’s book series, “The Adventures of Donna Sophia and… Time to Clean My Room.” This delightful story of a young girl and her dog, Chief as they learn the importance of a clean room will entertain kids and adults alike. To commemorate the success of the book release, for a limited time, Fibre Publishing LLC is offering package deals that include all three books from “The Adventures of Donna Sophia” series, a t-shirt, a tote bag, and a signed toy from the author at a discount price. The books and merchandise can be purchased at

Brilliant illustrations perfectly compliment the story’s path as Donna Sophia and Chief learn life’s lessons. The book series is written in English and Spanish, creating a unique reading experience with an opportunity to learn another language while reading.

“When I first met my wife, who is of Colombian dissent, my vocabulary was limited and what I found most helpful was being able to read sentences in English and then read the Spanish translation,” said Filer. “When we had our daughter, I began making up stories for her at bedtime and my wife encouraged me to write the stories down because they were so vivid and entertaining. The time I spent with my daughter telling stories inspired me to write about Donna Sophia. Because of our multicultural family, I knew I wanted to provide an opportunity for the books to be entertaining and educational, providing a bilingual experience for kids and parents.”

The series’ first book, “The Adventures of Donna Sophia and… My Family,” released to popular acclaim on Amazon, and was follow up by “The Adventures of Donna Sophia and… Where is Squeaky?” The third book was an early hit becoming an Amazon #1 New Release in August 2016, and reaching #10 on the genre’s bestseller’s list for Amazon.

The success from the books has also created demand for other products such as clothing, bags, and events that include signings and book readings at schools. There are currently three additional stories in the works, and Robert Filer is currently arranging dates for his signing tour in 2017. The website offers customers to purchase directly from the author, and is a great gift for those with little ones.

Robert Filer, chief executive officer of Fibre Publishing, has written three books in the Donna Sophia series and has several more in the works. With 20 years of experience in politics, foreign policy, international trade, business, management, finance, and risk management, Robert turned his attention to children’s books after the birth of his daughter. He has conducted business on six continents, and has experience working with governments at local, state, federal, and foreign levels. In his spare time, he enjoys travel, golf, and his family.

You can purchase the books by going to For more information about the book series, go to You can also follow the author at

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