DroneLife.com Announces Increases in Web and Social Media Readership for 2016

DroneLife announces record high audiences in Web, Facebook, and Twitter in 2016.

Hopkington, MA, January 12, 2017 --(PR.com)-- DroneLife, the three year old on-line news and services site focused on drones, announced today that they reached a record-high audience in 2016. DroneLife announced yearly growth in sessions at more than 26% on a year over year basis for the period January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016. The Facebook audience grew at 1,566 % and the Twitter audience grew by 520%.

“We are pleased that our number of readers has continued to grow as the industry has matured and grown,” said Alan Phillips, CEO and Publisher of DroneLife.

“In addition to the over 1.5 million web sessions in 2016, we were able to grow our social media audiences to over 50,000 Facebook followers and over 18,000 twitter users. The growth rate has been phenomenal, with a 1,566% growth in Facebook users and 520% growth in our twitter audience,” continues Mr. Phillips.

“In addition to our website and social media audiences we are looking to expand our partnerships in the Drone space,” continues Mr. Phillips. “We have been successful in participating in partnerships such as IFLY, which is the first ETF focused on the Drone industry. We continue to explore and partner with those organizations, financial and otherwise, where we feel that we can add value. With so many new players in the space, as well as ones that are expanding to meet the demand, there is a need from those companies for funding and marketing assistance to help them to get off the ground and get their name out there in the marketplace.”

“The industry is changing, and we are changing with it,” says Harry McNabb CMO of DroneLife. “We are focused both of providing our readers with all of the news and information to stay informed in this growing space, and in providing value to our clients by creating a three-legged stool of branding, lead generation, and sponsored or native content.

"We have made some changes to our site that will allow our clients to get the word out to a much broader audience. In addition we are looking to beef up our thought leadership content with industry leaders contributing content.

"Given our focus on the drone space, often, our clients feel that we provide a better understanding and value than using a broad based approach of Google or Facebook. Our clients tell us that that advertising with the huge players is sometimes expensive and may not provide the best payback.”

DroneLife is a three year old news and services site focused on the consumer, prosumer, and commercial drone marketplace.

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Harry McNabb
DroneLife Grows Readership in 2016

DroneLife Grows Readership in 2016

DroneLife announces growth in readership in Web, Facebook, and Twitter for 2016.