Crowdfunding 2017 - Ensure a Successful Crowdfunding Capital Raise Introducing Alchemy Social Media Crowdfunding Campaigns & E-Mail Distribution PR Programs

Alchemy OTC Markets Specialists, LLc announces the firm’s 3- Month Crowdfunding Campaign with robust E-Mail and Digital Social Media Marketing PR Programs designed to support private/public company Title II & III successful Crowdfunding Capital raises.

San Francisco, CA, January 13, 2017 --( Alchemy OTC Markets Specialists, LLC announces the firm’s 3 - Month Crowdfunding Campaign & PR is designed to support Title II Reg D (new) Rule 506 (c) unlimited capital raise and, Title III Reg CF $USD 1.0 Million Crowdfunding Capital raises for private companies with current US GAAP financials and OTC Markets current alternate reporting listed companies.

The robust Crowdfunding and PR Campaign includes 2 - Months of regulatory, corporate compliance & pre-launch preparatory work.

The Company literature, press releases, and Offering “Tombstone Notice” are distributed up to 6 million+ accredited and 30 million+ penny stock investors for 1 - Month including news wire services, social media venues and industry specific news outlets via their Digital E-Mail & Social Media Marketing Platforms.

Contact them for their corporate virtual interactive “Crowdfunding Campaign” & “Direct Public Listing Offer” Slide Presentations

Alchemy OTC Markets Specialists, LLC - International Boutique US Public Securities Consulting Firm
Direct Public Listing/ Reverse Merger Services
QX; QB; Pink; Alternate Reporting Reverse Merger Shells Available
~9,800 US & Foreign and Domestic Issuers
~ $USD14 Billion per Month Trading

Debt/Equity Capital Raises
Title II Reg D (new) Rule 506 (c) effective September 23rd 2013 $USD Unlimited Capital Raise
Title III Reg CF effective May 16th 2016 $USD 1.0 Million Capital Raise

Crowdfunding Campaigns
3 – Month Campaigns - $USD 25,000 (Inclusive)

Digital Social Media Programs - $USD 6,000 +

Public Relations Programs - $6,500 +

E-Mail Programs

Up to 6 Million ++ Accredited Triple Opt-in Accredited Investors
Up to 30 Million ++ Double Opt-In Penny Stock Investors

With over 50 years of combined partner experience including multiple transactions and a Team of Professionals & Associates, let Alchemy design and structure a “Going Public” and “Crowdfunding Campaign” program to suit your Company's budget.
Alchemy OTC Markets Specialists, LLC
Bruce A. Cosgrove M.Sc., Managing Director