The Chop Shop and Yuri’s Night Join Forces to Distribute Yuri’s Night Gear to Space Geeks Worldwide

Yuri’s Night is now partnering with the creative gurus at the Chop Shop to distribute Yuri’s Night merchandise globally in 2017.

Santa Rosa, CA, January 13, 2017 --( After many years of using hard-working volunteers to design, package, and ship Yuri’s Night t-shirts, patches, stickers, and pins to fans around the globe, Yuri’s Night has announced a partnership with the Chop Shop to distribute official Yuri’s Night merchandise in 2017 and beyond. The new shop can be reached at .

Yuri’s Night chairman Dr. Ryan Kobrick explained the new partnership, saying, “Yuri’s Night and the Chop Shop expect this partnership to benefit both organizations and their customers by providing our team with more time to spend making Yuri’s Night awesome, exposing the Chop Shop to Yuri’s Night fans, and providing customers with great service and the ability to shop for other awesome items while preparing for Yuri’s Night 2017.”

Due to the fact that the Chop Shop does not sell solely Yuri’s Night items, it remains open to take orders year-round. This means there will be no more store closures in the summer to restock the store from the previous year. Customers will also benefit from the Chop Shop’s economies of scale with reduced prices for shipping and discounts when purchasing bulk quantities of patches and stickers. The shop will continue to provide guests with high-quality Yuri’s shirts and stickers that let customers celebrate on April 12 and every day of the year.

Another benefit of this new partnership is that the Chop Shop has a wide selection of other space exploration themed shirts, posters, and items that Yuri’s Night fans can browse while planning for Yuri’s Night 2017. This includes shirts from Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), a long-time partner of Yuri’s Night, as well as shirts celebrating the planets, robotic explorers, and space missions. The Chop Shop even has space-themed gift sets that customers can give to friends and family.

Yuri’s Night is planning for 2017 to be the biggest world space party yet! The team hopes that after purchasing any items they need from, the space geeks of the world will stop by to create local events in their neighborhood.

About The Chop Shop
The Chop Shop ( is a part of Chop Shop Studio featuring the design work of Thomas Romer. Formerly known as The Chopping Block, Thomas’ clients have included Adobe, Scholastic, McGraw-Hill, MoMA, Disney, Turner Broadcasting and many more. The studio is best known, however, for its work with the legendary rock bands They Might Be Giants and Phish.

About Yuri’s Night
Yuri's Night is a global non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating humanity's past, present and future in space each April 12 in commemoration of Yuri Gagarin's first human spaceflight in 1961 and the inaugural launch of the Space Shuttle in 1981. Since 2001, Yuri’s Night has been celebrated annually by tens of thousands of people in over 75 countries on all seven continents, virtual worlds such as Second Life, and the International Space Station.
Yuri's Night
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