Ficstar Software Reports Growing Demand for Custom-Designed Website Grabber

Businesses prefer to have solutions specifically targeted to meet their unique data extraction needs.

Toronto, Canada, February 02, 2008 --( Ficstar Software reports a rapid growth in demand for its Custom-Designed Website Grabber. Many companies which had previously opted for some of the company’s solutions have now switched to the new customized solution. The reason for the new trend, Ficstar experts explain, is that businesses have now grown fully aware of the potential of website content grabbers and now seek something that can fully meet their unique needs.

Statistics show that the manual collection of web content takes up between 30 minutes and 3 hours per employee per day. In order to reduce this time and have an efficient and much more reliable alternative, businesses are very open to what the software market has to offer.

Many of the data extraction solutions which are currently available on the market collect content from different web sites without any changes to the software source code. This ‘one size fits all’ approach can deliver incomplete and inaccurate results that may force companies to go back to time-consuming and error-prone manual procedures.

Ficstar customizes its Web Grabber solution for each customer by modifying the software to fit the specific requirements for their target web sites, in order to make sure that clients get the exact solution they need.

Since the software’s core programming is already complete, the customization processes can be completed within just a few days, and customers can begin to generate accurate and reliable results almost immediately.

In terms of pricing, each Custom-Designed Web Grabber project is priced based on the complexity of the data on the targeted site, and the extent of the software customization required to extract that data. Costs are determined by how the target web site is programmed, how many elements must be extracted for each page, how difficult it is to place anchors on the pages to assist with the extraction, and other factors.

Ficstar Software Inc. is a Toronto-based provider of web data extraction and data mining solutions. The company was founded in 2003 and has already developed a broad portfolio of offerings, including business intelligence, website content grabber solutions, and data management, which enable customers to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing expenses.

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