Open School of Journalism: Survey Reveals Similarities (and Differences) Between Blogging and Journalism

Open School of Journalism conducts online survey on blogging and journalism with interesting results.

New York, NY, January 13, 2017 --( Today, Open School of Journalism, a state-authorized online journalism school, published results of a survey on blogging and journalism. The survey was carried out between March 8 and December 8, 2016. 121 people participated in the survey.

What are the differences between blogging and journalism – and how big are they? Over a time period of nine months, Open School of Journalism asked bloggers and journalists worldwide about the distinct relationship between blogging and journalism. Are there any similarities? In what respect is blogging different from journalism? The results on give an excellent overview of overlaps and blurred lines between those two forms of writing for the public.

The distinction between blogging and journalism is blurring: In search for a topic, bloggers use the same sources as journalists, and 85 % of the respondents consider cooperation between bloggers and journalists to be desirable. Both groups are increasingly developing towards multimedia digital storytelling using different media forms in one post or article. There is also a significant coherence with regards to skills: Bloggers and journalists both require the same skills. 91% of the respondents consider professional journalistic training for bloggers to be helpful. Online media turns out to be a more crucial source to bloggers.

The Open School of Journalism is a leading online journalism school. It is independent from media organizations, political parties, churches and other interest groups. OSJ students get a journalism education at ISCED Level 4 (post-secondary education).
Open School of Journalism
Sarah Miller