Dr. Dustin Dukart, Innovative Industry-Leading Chiropractor, Launches New Brand "Adjust Today"

A safe way to overcome chronic pain—chiropractic therapy—is making a name for itself and bringing chiropractic to the masses. Dustin Dukart, Doctor of Chiropractic, has launched his new brand Ad just Today. Dr. Dukart hopes to bring the benefits of chiropractic therapy to a larger audience. If he succeeds, chiropractic care will become an integral part of our everyday health and physical maintenance, synonymous with regaining and maintaining physical freedom.

Stillwater, MN, January 15, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Holistic Approach

Dr. Dukart has spent a lifetime building up this moment; he’s spent years studying with some of the best and brightest doctors in the world and has experienced the power of chiropractic care first hand. Adjust Today is founded on the mission of regaining physical freedom without pills or surgery. With the state of our healthcare focused specifically on just that—pills and surgery—it’s an uphill battle opening clients’ minds to the potential of chiropractic care. It’s an undertaking that Dr. Dukart believes in, and patient by patient he has helped individuals of the Stillwater and Twin Cities communities overcome lifelong pain.

“I’ve spent my adult life helping patients recover from seemingly permanent and impossible pain. My experience in chiropractic care strengthens my resolve. Every day I see patients turn hope—that you don’t have to live in constant pain—into a vibrant reality,” explains Dr. Dukart. “I can’t rest until I know that I’ve done everything I can to bring that reality to as many people as possible.”

Dr. Dukart hopes that the launch of Adjust Today will demystify chiropractic care, making it more accessible to everyone. Ultimately, he hopes to decrease patients’ dependence on ineffective care that treats symptoms while ignoring the underlying issues.

“We’re using holistic chiropractic care to help clients in remarkable ways. Shortening athletic healing time to weeks, not months in some cases. We use special techniques that have helped many put chronic pain in the rear-view mirror. If people understood, plain and simple, the power of chiropractic, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion,” says Adjust Today founder, Dr. Dukart. “We’ve even been able to use chiropractic care to support a baby turning from breech-position pregnancies into a healthy, normal birthing position, eliminating the need for a c-section.”

Building a brand that familiarizes the public with the power of holistic chiropractic care was the logical next step for Dr. Dukart. “I started practicing chiropractic because I saw how it could change lives. I’ve had the privilege of studying under some of the most innovative and effective doctors in the world. My calling is to show people that they don’t have to be prisoners of pain,” Dukart explains. “It’s giving the gift of taking a walk outdoors, of taking the field with your team in your favorite sport, of hoisting your kid onto your shoulders. It goes beyond my
patients. It affects everyone that is a part of their lives. It revitalizes individuals, and that revitalizes the community.”

Personalized Technique
Adjust Today chiropractic care incorporates neurology, movement assessment, breathing mechanics, rehabilitative exercise, and traditional chiropractic techniques. The brand is based on transparent communication and methodical treatment that targets the root cause of pain. By giving the patients clear insight into the purpose behind—and the effects of—every single step to recovery, Adjust Today empowers consumers to take a more active, inspired role in their treatment.

“No two clients are exactly the same. As a practitioner, you have to both take the time to listen to your client’s unique situation and develop a dynamic treatment that will lead them to whole body-and-mind recovery,” Dukart explains. “Understanding what techniques to pair with traditional chiropractic is absolutely essential if you want to deliver the best care.”

Adjust Today will launch in tandem with a new website, adjusttoday.net, that gives clients 24/7 access to important information and appointment booking. Can chiropractic really do all it promises? Armed with a strong brand image and clear call to action, Dr. Dukart hopes to lead the chiropractic community into a revolution that rallies a resounding "Yes!"

About Adjust Today & Dr. Dustin Dukart
Adjust Today is a chiropractic business based on the core ideology that pain is rarely permanent or unchangeable. Founded on the wisdom of several years of study under some of the most prolific healthcare professionals in the world, Adjust Today uses a holistic approach to encourage rapid recovery and healing that lasts. By giving physical freedom back to the individuals, Adjust Today strives to revitalize relationships and communities.

Dr. Dustin Dukart is a board certified and licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, well-versed in the principles of neuroplasticity as it pertains to treating pain. He has worked with national record-holding powerlifters, professional hockey players, classical dancers, baseball players, soccer players, personal injury and automobile injury patients, police officers, older populations, and youth athletes to restore physical freedom.
Adjust Today
Dr. Dustin Dukart