Leading Digital Asset Management Software Creator Releases New Product Line

photools.com, creator of popular digital asset management (DAM) software IMatch, releases its newest product IMatch Anywhereâ„¢. IMatch Anywhere enables normal users and IT professional to setup a network-based digital asset management system within a few minutes. Users can browse IMatch DAM databases remotely from any device and platform using a web browser.

Usingen, Germany, January 17, 2017 --(PR.com)-- photools.com, creator of popular digital asset management (DAM) software IMatch, releases its newest product IMatch Anywhere™.

Digital asset management software is something that professionals of all kinds use, from photographers to scientists, librarians to police officers. photools.com’s IMatch has been a popular workflow tool since its beginning in 1998. Now photools.com has released its newest product, IMatch Anywhere 2017, which adds server functionality to IMatch.

IMatch Anywhere has been designed for both home and commercial IMatch users. It allows them to publish their IMatch databases in local networks, corporate networks or even over the Internet. Other users can then access IMatch database contents via their web browser, from all devices and operating systems.

Photographers and companies manage up to 500,000 images, videos, MP3 files, Office documents and other digital assets with IMatch. The new IMatch Anywhere add-on integrates seamlessly and can be deployed at home or in corporate networks in minutes.

Technology that was until now the domain of big DAM vendors with high-priced products is now accessible and affordable for everyone. Browsing IMatch databases on tablets or smart phones, from Windows, iOS or Linux devices is finally easy to do. All that is needed is a web browser.

While home and amateur IMatch users find IMatch Anywhere a breeze to install and use, professional users and IT administrator have all the features they need to deploy IMatch Anywhere safely and securely within their corporate networks.

“Giving 2, 5, 10 or more users immediate and controlled access to the company DAM based on IMatch is only a matter of minutes with IMatch Anywhere,” said its creator Mario M. Westphal. “Users can now browse their IMatch database on their tablets, smart phones or TV sets and share their asset collection with family, friends and colleagues.”

“All this is done without the need to re-arrange the file system or the need to upload all your data into some cloud,” Westphal continues. “IMatch and IMatch Anywhere work with your files where they are.”

Westphal has spent the past year developing and beta testing IMatch Anywhere to offer features that are typically only available from corporate-level, high-priced software. “IMatch is one of the few vendor-independent digital asset management solutions,” said Westphal. “The quality and price point of IMatch makes it a popular system used by thousands of people in more than 60 countries.”

IMatch Anywhere is available in tree editions: HOME, PRO and TEAM. Prices start at US$45. Users without an IMatch license can purchase “Plus” editions which combine one or more IMatch licenses with an IMatch Anywhere license for a very attractive price.

About photools.com

The creator of photools.com, Mario M. Westphal, has developed digital image management software for more than 15 years. His software IMatch is favored by photographers from amateurs to professionals, including photo agencies, graphic artists, archivists, and other professionals using digital documents. For more information, visit https://www.photools.com/imatch-anywhere/.
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