New Speech Therapy App Offers Speech Training Activities & Games at One Place Without Hidden Charges

With multiple speech training apps offering speech activities & content to trainers, parents & SLPs at additional costs, a speech & special needs mobile developer aims to offers everything at one place cost efficiently. The company called MeshTech Solutions with its App "Articulation Essentials" offers various speech related training activities without additional costs. The App comes in Demo & Premium version that too at a nominal cost & promises consistent updates with more content.

Newark, CA, January 18, 2017 --( A new speech therapy mobile app; Articulation Essentials claims to offer SLPs, Speech therapists, Trainers and Parents a more cost efficient alternative to subscription based speech apps that charge extra for additional activities.

Articulation Essentials is a speech therapy app that offers activities for students & SLPs to practice articulation & speech easily.

Articulation Essentials has been designed to facilitate speech therapy for speech delays, Articulation Apraxia, Aphasia, Phonology, Stuttering, Naming Therapy and Autism. The app provides and extensive library of word flash cards which cover a full range of sounds that children often have difficulty pronouncing. It can be used by Speech Language Pathologists (SLP), parents and teachers to practice the pronunciation techniques taught in speech therapy.

"We have developed a system that contains all the essentials needed for speech therapy at one place without any hidden charges. This is our way of helping out trainers, SLPs & parents who have to use multiple apps for more activities," says Fahad Shahab (Lead Developer of Articulation Essentials).

When asked what makes Articulation Essentials different than existing apps of these kind, he narrated the following pointers.

"The demo app has all the activities users can try out before getting the premium version.

"Our biggest advantage is the low cost of our app’s premium version which is at only $9.99. This too is charged only onetime & offers all the activities and future updates.

"Articulation Essentials does not charge separately for additional, activities, sound blends and games. It is free from all hidden charges.

"We are in process of adding new features to the app which we have received as requests and feedback from schools and SLPs. All optimization and feature related updates are free of charge for all premium and demo users of articulation essentials.

"We are seeing a progressive growth in everything, be it impressions, downloads or usage to our app. There are more people who are giving us their two cents on what additions we can make in the app & we are accomplishing our initial milestones with each passing day."

While special needs applications and speech tools are not usually made for business purposes, the team behind Articulation Essentials aims to provide help to parents and speech training through their app that readily offers all content, training material through smartphones & tablets. Without any extra charges and rigidity.

Fahad further adds that, "We pride ourselves for the Facilitation, support & zero rigidity. If schools want our app but cannot afford to buy for every tablet separately; we give them the premium for free, for all the tab."

Developers behind Articulation Essentials are consistently updating the app and plan on adding more features and technologies that can greatly help students with speech issues & get help from the app.

The team behind articulation essentials is requesting assistance and feedback. They are inviting SLPs to become a part of their advisory team and make Articulation Essentials an ultimate speech app. Users can try out the app or get in touch with the team through articulation essentials website.
Articulation Essentials
Laura Catlin