Industry Association Develops Appraisal Examiner Course

The National Inventory Certification Association’s Continuing Education Program adds a new course to provide knowledge for home inventory professionals to serve appraisal needs.

Avon, IN, January 25, 2017 --( The National Inventory Certification Association (NICA) recently released the online, self-directed course, titled Appraisal Examiner. Extending the Continuing Education Program curriculum, this course was developed to serve a growing need in the appraisal and inventory industries.

When completing an inventory service for residential and commercial clients, the home inventory professional is often asked if they know the value of items, or if they can refer a professional appraiser. Developing a working relationship between appraisers and inventory service providers will help both professionals serve the other.

The information that a personal property inventory professional documents is the same or similar to what an appraiser needs for proper research. After successfully completing this course, the inventory professional will have the knowledge to collect required information via photographs and written documentation. This serves two purposes, 1) the client only has to schedule one appointment and work with only one vendor, and 2) the appraiser can reduce their travel time and devote their resources to research and creating the certified appraisal reports.

This online course provides knowledge of the responsibilities of the appraiser examiner, the many benefits the personal property inventory professional will gain by providing this service, appraisal industry terms, and how to market this service to appraisers and direct clients. As part of the Continuing Education Program, 3 CEUs are awarded.

Ray Nugent, owner of Nugent Appraisal Services and Associate Member of NICA states, “Our business is growing rapidly, and many hours are spent traveling throughout the US. By tapping into the asset inventory industry, I am able to outsource the task of information-gathering to qualified professionals. This enables continued growth of our company, allowing our staff to concentrate on our expertise of providing USPAP compliant certified reports. It’s a great fit.”

Managing Director of NICA, Cindy Hartman, added, “Ray Nugent’s years of experience and extensive knowledge of the appraisal industry was instrumental in the decision to create the Appraisal Examiner course. When he agreed to co-author the course content, we saw this as an ideal opportunity for our members to add Appraisal Examiner to their current list of services. This course is available on the NICA website at

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