Bambu® Sets Style and Sustainability on the Table

Bambu® Dining and Serving Collections Use Natural Materials for Functional, Innovative and Beautiful Tableware

New York, NY, January 19, 2017 --( Next time you host a dinner party put style, locally sourced and sustainable materials on the menu.

Bambu®, known for their beautiful, innovative and environmentally friendly products, creates a simple elegance with the use of renewable materials from bamboo, cork, cedar, coconut, hemp, organic cotton to create a dining experience that will wow guests with a unique aesthetic and the quality of “handmadeness.”

Every foodie knows dining is not just about the food but how it is served. Bambu offers a range of refined and reusable products sourced and made using their documented green supply chain. The one-of-a-kind cork fabric, flexible Adjust-a-Bowl modifies its size for whatever you put in it. Soft and gorgeous, it is durable and animal-free. Along with the Hemp Denim Bowl it is as versatile as a good piece of clothing, and the right size for bread, whole fruits and, and even toiletries. Bamboo and cedar Serving Boards have never made food look more appealing. Made of bamboo or cedar they are beautifully handcrafted, and available in a variety of shapes. Serving Trays, also in cedar or bamboo, show off appetizers and serving coffees and teas. Tabletop Accents include both cork and cedar coasters, while bamboo candle holders allow for tapers and tea lights, so you can literally burn the candle at both ends. Bamboo and cedar Serving Utensils, from classic to curvy, add spice to any table along with tongs, salad servers, sporks and spreaders.

In addition, Bambu is proud to introduce their certified organic disposable dinnerware. Premium Bambu Veneerware®, made from certified organic bamboo, is completely compostable and the antidote to the one and done epidemic of paper or plastic. Made with 100% organically grown bamboo, without chemicals or dye, Veneerware® brings a natural elegance to the most casual picnic, outdoor event, large dinner party or wedding. It is available in entrée salad and dessert sized plates with utensils to match.

About Bambu®
Bambu products are sold in more than a dozen countries through diverse retail distribution partnerships in the gift, kitchen, gourmet, grocery and hospitality market segments. Bambu aims to create meaningful work experiences through skill development, safe work conditions and fair pay. The award-winning company is a member of Green America and has earned the Green Business Network’s highest Gold Level designation. Bambu sources materials locally, working with local woodworkers, weavers and stitchers to advance its mission to promote sustainably sourced resources.

A selection of Bambu’s products are certified by Ceres and USDA Biobased-certified. Bambu also has a strong focus on social responsibility and promotes its mission of sustainability through partnerships with not-for-profit organizations focused on promoting and protecting a healthy planet including Honey Bee Research Lab, The Nature Conversancy, Plastic Oceans, and Environmental Defense Fund.

The full range of Bambu products can be found online at and at selected retailers around the world including Whole Foods, Dean & Deluca, Thrive Market online and more.

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