Have an Itch to Write? Need Inspiration? Enter Dreaming Big Publication's Calls for Submission.

Dreaming Big Publications is currently accepting submissions for several short story collections, which range from science fiction to historical fiction. Some, but not all, collections will offer payment.

Sumrall, MS, January 20, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Writers who are looking for a new story idea have come to the right place. Dreaming Big Publications is hosting an open call for submissions to fill several short story collections.

Those with an interest in science fiction may find an aptitude for the “Fresh Starts” collection, which examines the creation or destruction of a planet and the lifeforms on it. If they instead have a penchant for horror stories, the collection “Clowns and Dolls,” which features—you got it—clowns and dolls—is perfect. If they're an animal-lover, they may be drawn to “Through Our Eyes,” which includes stories from the perspective of animals (think stray cats and dogs) and benefits a local animal shelter.

Dreaming Big Publications prefers stories between 5,000 and 10,000 words, but some collections require more specific word counts. Some collections also offer very specific prompts involving video games or other world creations.

Acceptance of written work is not guaranteed. Editors will evaluate all submissions. If accepted, some collections offer payment or royalty shares, and some will not offer payment. Please visit dreamingbigpublications.com and click the Calls for Submission tab under Opportunities for more information. Or, please contact Kristi at dreamingbigpublications@outlook.com.

Dreaming Big Publications is a publishing company on a mission to reach more people on a global level by publishing books that educate and advocate for mental health and social justice issues. The company's main focus is nonfiction—self-help, memoirs, and books written for professional mental health providers—but it also publishes fiction, along with anything that is a good, fun read, including fantasy and sci-fi.
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