Free Online Training for Personal Injury Attorneys: How to Defends Against the Argument of Preexisting Injury and Low Impact Injury with Low Property Damage

Dr. Kevin Luck Has Recently Released a Free Training Video on How a Doctor’s Documentation Can Defend Against the Insurance Company Argument of Preexisting and Low Impact Injury.

Denver, CO, January 19, 2017 --( The two most commonly used arguments the insurance company makes to minimize financial responsibility of injury claims is the preexisting argument and the low impact and low property damage argument.

Doctors who are familiar with these arguments understand that these arguments are only one very small piece of what creates an injury.

In the example of preexisting, it is very easy for the doctor to quantify any pre-existing injury and subtract those quantitative factors from the new existing injury. By subtracting one set of quantitative numbers of the preexisting injury from the new set of quantitative numbers the doctor can clearly assign responsibility.

In the case of low impact injury and low property damage the insurance company’s argument is often called the low delta velocity.

While the change in velocity is one of the factors which result in an injury there are as many as 8 other factors. When all 8 factors are taken into account the delta velocity could literally have nothing to do with an injury.

A classic example we often use in depositions is the death of General George Patton.

The vehicle General Patton was riding in has two other persons including the driver and a passenger. The accident occurred at what is considered a low impact or low delta velocity.

While the driver and the passenger suffered only minor bruises General George Patton suffered a broken neck and died as a result a few days later.

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