New Web App Lets You Make a Video Journal About Your Life

Record your life now and reflect through video instead of faded memories.

Saint Louis, MO, January 22, 2017 --( A new startup called Playdoe recently released a new web app January 1st, 2017. It’s an app that allows you to make a video journal about your life. Users upload videos from their phone or desktop and caption the videos with text for added context. The idea is that people will use it as sort of a digital heirloom or diary. There are no public comments on entry posts. Instead, it works similar to Snapchat, where clicking the chat bubble on an entry post directs you to a direct message screen. Comments are read then disappear. The concept behind this functionality is, a journal is private, and comments can create judgement and un-comfortability, as seen on Twitter and Facebook.

Followers are optional if you want to share your journal with others, but not needed; as this isn’t really a social network. Only you, yourself are needed to witness the power of the app. When you first login, you are redirected to a feed of just your video journal entries for your reflection. And if you do follow anyone else, you will see their journal entries as well. You have the option of making your profile private, so no one can view your entries but you. And when your profile is private, follow requests must be approved by you.

Never has an application with social DNA been built that calls for human engagement, but not need a social graph to be effective. This concept is totally new and innovative. – Chris Weathers, Playdoe CEO.

One cool piece of functionality is where you can view journal entries shared by people near your current geographical location. Only entries from public profiles are served by this feature. It has a huge potential for local advertisers, who could possibly be one of the locally features journal entries surrounded by the organic ones.

Check out the official Playdoe blog at learn more.

Make a Video Journal About Your Life. Record Now… Reminisce Later.

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Chris Weathers