ICNTR Replaces Email - Presents a New Way to Work

Silicon Valley Tech Startup, ICNTR Inc, believes that e-mail has been in a downward spiral for too long. They want to help bury e-mail and introduce a new way to work.

Palo Alto, CA, January 23, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Paul Wilson, founder of ICNTR Inc, Palo Alto, suggests that they have a replacement for email. He says, "When we designed and built our flagship product 'ICNTR,' we'd set out to build a new way of doing business that brings a laser-focus to what's important." Wilson postulates that what they realized when they started using it themselves, is that they'd stopped using email.

They claim to also, not need to use documents like spreadsheets, presentations and project plans because all the data they needed to run their business was in ICNTR.

Wilson recalls, "We had a eureka moment, when we realized that we'd possibly, and by accident, found a new way to work that doesn't need email and documents."

According to Wilson, after some philosophical circumspection, they realized that people, in general, are still working with what he describes as, "A very old fashioned way of thinking about business." He suggests that people believe they have to write about data in the business context. He reiterated that, "When in ICNTR, the business data is all there, you don't need to write about it, as in an email or report, or presentation." He emphasized, "Everything worth discussing is in a dashboard, anything worth doing in a meeting can be done immediately in ICNTR."

Wilson, eager to take on the challenge of changing the way the world works, says "As a result to all of this, we at ICNTR Inc find ourselves somewhat intimidated, because we're inadvertently in direct competition to, Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Slack and others."

Wilson continues, "...because we completely revamped how business works, we're transcending the enterprise structures of the past and invented an Innovation Resource Planning architecture. Additionally, this puts us in competition with ERP providers like SAP and Oracle."

In response to how they plan to compete against these iconic brands, Wilson states, "Fortunately, our trademarks and patents protect these ideas, but I'm sure we'll be having a lot of exchanges with our competitors in the years to come."

Wilson challenges these leaders with a fearless message to the masters of the tech world, "Watch out Microsoft, Google, SAP, Oracle, Slack, Dropbox etc. - there's a little team in Silicon Valley who is not even a fly-spec on your radar yet, but we're determined to help change the way smart businesses work, and have got a long time to live. To be frank, all you guys have done, is evolved the renaissance period work methods, where as we have invented a new method of managing organizations that bends all existing theoretical and practical concepts."

In relation to e-mail, Wilson concludes, "So... will the last person to use e-mail, please switch it off - It's time to focus on what creates strategic value."

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