CrowdBuild Ready to Launch

CrowdBuild ™ , a division of EDA Funding, is the subscription service that builds your community and guides you into a successful crowdfunding campaign with key metric creation, market automation, CRM and social media integration.

Saratoga Springs, NY, January 24, 2017 --( After 8 months in development, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, CrowdBuild ™ is readying for launch to startups, existing firms and non-profits looking to capitalize in the crowdfunding space.

CrowdBuild ™ guides users through the process of market automation, social media and CRM to build the needed community and metrics to launch a crowdfunding campaign. As a subscription service of EDA Funding, the product will be available in mid-February. Currently, In Focus Brands in collaboration with EC is training the sales and marketing teams to provide service and education to our markets.

Nick Mathius of EDA Funding’s CrowdBuild Division explains: “We are very excited to bring this powerful engagement tool to our clients. We have realized a solution that you can easily integrate into your workflow to get started and to continue your engagement long after the funding is closed.”

Up next for the CrowdBuild ™ Team, a final beta test through In Focus Brands and continuing sales training of the newly-hired staff plus the start of a speaking tour to universities, incubators, small business and entrepreneur community groups. For more information on the CrowdBuild ™ service, please contact Nick at:

EDA Funding ( is the newest venture between Autonomy Distributors and In Focus Brands from their successful build out and exit of an international distribution firm in 2016. The company has 2 divisions: the EDA Fund (a hybrid VC/PE fund that invests in existing firms that have attained sustainable revenue for a number of quarters and are searching for next level partners) and CrowdBuild ™ (a subscription service that builds your community and guides you into a successful crowdfunding campaign with metrics, CRM and social media integration).

In Focus Brands ( launches products, experts, companies and services internationally. The focus is always on creatively practical solutions, making companies go-to-market faster and smarter. With over 127 diverse businesses launched across industries; their unique branded business model integrates key services to bring deployable expertise and resources to clients’ present needs, and structures branded systems and teams for the sustainable future.

EC is a 25 year old company focused on B2B sales and marketing, private label management in the financial service, channel distribution, public relations and crisis management world.
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