Sardina Systems Announces Support for Fresh OpenStack Newton Installation, While Addressing Zero-Downtime Upgrade

What You Didn’t Know About OpenStack Newton Performance and Scalability for Enterprise and Service Provider Clouds.

Tallinn, Estonia, January 25, 2017 --( Sardina Systems announces availability of support for the OpenStack Newton release, while promising significant zero-downtime upgrade feature for the new release.

OpenStack Newton, the 14th release of the most widely deployed open source cloud software it is offering a greater scalability, resiliency and user experience to support a wider variety of workloads.

Built on OpenStack’s extensive foundation, FishOS is the world’s first energy-optimizing and utilization-improving automation system for OpenStack-based clouds. FishOS provides a flexibly pluggable, highly-available cloud resource management architecture for enabling a wide variety of automation and data access methods, scaling to thousands of servers, improving utilization and lowering costs.

FishOS uniquely addresses the full lifecycle automation requirements of OpenStack -- encompassing deployment, operation, and upgrade phases.

“We have integrated and validated all the new improvements of Newton release. With this new release, we are ready to deliver even more efficient cloud operations, as well as greater ease of deployment and usability improvements, while continuing to offer support to the customers running an earlier version of OpenStack and Sardina FishOS,” said Anna Panchenko, VP of Marketing of Sardina Systems.

Sardina Systems introduces significant and outstanding feature for OpenStack.

Sardina FishOS support for OpenStack Newton release includes FishOS Deployer and FishOS Upgrader, enabling flexible, easily extensible deployment system to integrate with client organizations’ broader IT environment, and zero-downtime upgrade of their OpenStack-based cloud.

The Zero-Downtime upgrade feature in FishOS was developed to meet customer's’ need of upgrading OpenStack every six months, while ensuring service uptime. Cloud operators can benefit from improvements in FishOS and OpenStack without having to face any service interruption.

The objective of this high service availability feature built by Sardina Systems is to strive for perfection and enable cloud operators the eliminate service interruption.

“We are very proud to be the first company to offer zero-downtime upgrade feature in the OpenStack market, addressing one of the key demands of OpenStack operators. FishOS Upgrader provides customers the possibility of updating their OpenStack cloud infrastructure in a reliable manner, with confidence,” said Anna Panchenko, VP of Marketing.

FishOS, Sardina’s innovative OpenStack automation product, is compatible with and fully supports Red Hat Openstack Platform 10.

For customers who are building their clouds on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Sardina Systems has updated FishOS to support the latest Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Sardina Systems introduces the first automation system addressing the full OpenStack lifecycle to Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10 -- encompassing deployment, operation, and upgrade phases.

About Sardina Systems
Sardina Systems is an OpenStack data center automation software company, leveraging machine learning to enable highly efficient operation, by raising server utilization and reducing energy consumption. The company’s software is scalable to allow management of multiple data centers as one.

Sardina FishOS was recognized as a winner of the prestigious IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award.

About OpenStack®
OpenStack® is the most widely deployed open source software for building clouds. In use globally at large and small enterprises, telecoms, service providers, and government/research organizations, OpenStack is a technology integration engine that supports the diverse ecosystem of cloud computing innovation.
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