JacLeRoi: The Food Advertising Agency Grows Locally and Expands Globally by Leveraging on the "Made in Italy"

Following an M&A operation the new Board of Directors will lead the food and beverage advertising agency to compete on international markets

Parma, Italy, January 26, 2017 --(PR.com)-- JacLeRoi (www.jacleroi.com), the independent food communication agency born in Parma, the UNESCO city of gastronomy and capital of the Italian Food Valley, thanks to its global experience in engineering brand communication in the food and wine industry, has become a benchmark of food and beverage advertising for winemakers and food manufacturers.

At the beginning of January there was a major reassessment in the BoD due to a M&A operation with Kolibrand, a well-known advertising agency specialized in food and design communication, with a strong know-how in packaging design, BTL, digital and traditional PR.

The new team will boast food-obsessed advertisers and marketers along with freshly enrolled sommeliers and gastronomists, to make AD and DIGITAL PR campaigns more effective.

"To respect brand values and to advocate our clients on how to keep up with competitiveness in a challenging market - is the understatement," says the 20 years experienced professional Giordano Maini, Kolibrand's Creative Director, "Such a food-oriented proposition, speaking of advertising agencies, is simply unique. We aim at becoming a benchmark in food and beverage advertising." Along with Giordano, the other key partners are Alessandro Venè, founder and CEO of JacLeRoi, Enza Bergantino, former Kolibrand's CEO appointed as Managing Director, and Matteo Navi, former Kolibrand's Art Director appointed as COO.

"Although 2016 was a though one, due to the acquisition of 100% of the company' shares, JacLeRoi grew for the sixth year in a row. The M&A operation with Kolibrand is an essential milestone to JacLeRoi's growth and will push the company to expand abroad. Over the next few years we aim at bringing the food advertising agency to North America, Southeast Asia and Europe," says Alessandro Venè.

"The short-term goal is to strengthen JacLeRoi's market positioning as 'the' food communication agency for the Italian market," says Enza Bergantino. "Within this new international proposition, the core of the strategic and creative activities will be developed by the Italian HQ. Furthermore, over the next few months we will set up Tech Operations in Europe in order to respond to the increasing demand for qualified IT solutions and services."

The backbone of the food advertising agency is the client portfolio although, after the M&A operation, a new department will be conceived to serve industrial design industry; the tie with food & wine is again Made in Italy, as to say: landmark of food, wine and design.
Ilaria Bruzzesi