Kellner Innovations Debuts Backyard Work Studios

Ontario, Canada, January 28, 2017 --( Sebastian Kellner, founder and CEO of Backyard Escape Studios, announced that the firm has developed an affordable option for those working from home, free of the distractions that inhibit productivity. Freelancers, home business owners and telecommuters can enjoy a practical, custom designed space to work in peace and quiet.

“We at Backyard Escape Studios create practical home solutions by designing and building an entire room for you in your backyard, providing you with the additional space you’ve been craving for that productive home office, creative art or hobby room, soundproof music studio, fitness or yoga room, or even a private place for overnight guests,” said Kellner. “Whatever your dream room maybe, we can create it.”

The concept for the innovative spaces came from the founder’s own need for a personal office that allowed him to block the many distractions inherent in working from home. More than a modern shed, the detached studios are custom designed and constructed to accommodate the needs of the individual.

Backyard Escape Studios provide a clear delineation between the work world and private life. The structures enable individuals to save substantially on the costs associated with commuting or renting office space. Studio sheds provide all the advantages of working from home, but without any of the distractions of having an office inside the home.

The studios measure 108 feet, providing ample space while eliminating the need for a building permit. The garden offices are fully insulated and utilize energy efficient doors and windows. The room can be constructed on-site or pre-built and placed in its ultimate location. Each studio can be equipped with electricity and air conditioning.

Individuals throughout Ontario have already discovered how the company’s modern sheds can change their lives with a quiet space to work, enjoy their hobbies, and provide a year-round retreat for me-time. The studio sheds offer a multitude of possibilities ranging from personal entertainment rooms and pool houses to cigar and fitness studios.

The personal Backyard Escape Studios offer a practical, innovative, and cost effective way to obtain an extra room for work and play. The customizable rooms are transportable, adaptable to multiple lifestyles, and will be the envy of any neighborhood.

About Backyard Escape Studios:
Backyard Escape Studios are designed and built by Kellner Innovations, Inc., providing individuals with a private space to work while enjoying the comforts of home or pursue their hobbies and creative interests without interruption. The firm works closely with individuals to ensure their dream room becomes a reality.

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