Lum.Net Performs Research Work on the Industrial Equipment & Machinery Trading Websites is a digital marketing firm that is committed to enhance its services regularly and become the best in the industry.

Houston, TX, February 01, 2017 --( a leading B2B SEO company in the USA have recently performed a completely unique research work on the industry’s best industrial equipment and machinery trading websites. is a digital marketing firm that is committed to enhance its services regularly and become the best in the industry. To materialize this commitment, it performed a research on the top 9 leading equipment trading companies in terms of search engine visibility (traffic). This has been done in order to be at a better position when advising its customers about allocating the online marketing spend. This research work is first of its kind in the whole industry and has revealed some unexpected results along with some very fascinating surprises too.

The research analysis performed by was performed by using a search analysis tool that LUM.NET has licensed from SEMrush, a reliable analytical tool. It took them a large deal of resources and time to compress the results in a comprehensive research report and was finally completed in late 2016. This final draft of the report has been published on their website recently. With this research work, the now can keep their competitors at bay when it comes to give useful suggestions to the customers regarding investment in the industry.

As per Mark Lum, the owner of Internet Strategies, “Being a leading provider of marketing and technology services to other companies in the industrial equipment space is a great responsibility. To keep the lead from our competitors intact, we needed to do something useful for our customer. Hence, we came up with the idea of doing some due diligence on the online equipment trading websites. Lately, we decided to publish it as a highly detailed research work on our website.”

The recent research work by compares 9 top Industrial Equipment Trading Websites in search engine analytics on the basis of the following data points:

Total Visits per Month
SEMRush Rank
Total number of Keywords ranking in top 100
Traffic Cost
Paid Traffic
Paid Keywords
CPC Spend
Total Backlinks
Backlink Domains

All the above mentioned criteria were evenly considered for overall ranking except for one. The ranking for the websites was heavily dependent on the total visits per month. As total visits from search engines is the end goal for every website, great weightage was allotted to this data point. The other data points were also important for the evaluation as each of them showed the level of effort exerted toward that end game of search engine traffic.

To study the outcome of this unique research work done by in detail, log on to their website For any other query regarding their services, you can drop an email at

About the company: is a team of technical and design professionals who works to achieve optimal results for their clients. They have expertise in B2B marketing in the industrial equipment and heavy machinery industries. They provide SEO services for B2B websites and can help you with lead management.
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