Book That Tells Young Black Girls to Love Themselves, Launches a Creative Jump Crowdfunding Campaign to Help with Raising Funds for Marketing and Promotion

The Book, "The Beautiful Things That I love About Me," is the kind of book that every little black girl should own. The Children's book promotes self love, self respect, and self esteem.

New York, NY, February 01, 2017 --( Over the past 3 decades, a test has been done using black and white dolls. In the test, a child is placed in front of the dolls and 3 simple questions are asked. "Which dolls are bad?," "Which doll is ugly?," "Which doll is stupid?"

According to all the studies, most kids identified the black doll, as bad, ugly, and stupid, when asked this questions. What is really sad is that over 80% of black and brown children identified the doll that most resembled them, as Stupid, Ugly, and Bad.

"The beautiful Things That I Love About me" was created to reverse how little black girls see themselves. The book is written in poem form (for easy reading) and uses the young, talented actress and Model Yanna Buttons as the face of the book. She is seen on every page accompanied by written lines like: "When I looked in the mirror, what did I see? I saw a beautiful person looking back at me," and lines like, "I don't need to look like those people from those beauty magazines, not when my lips and nose are those of kings and queens." Those are the words that children read as they look at pictures of Yanna Buttons as she does simple every day activities.

Each page reinforces different things for a little girl to love about themselves. According to the author, Maurice W, "The style of the book is designed to help children see themselves in whats displayed on the page. Its imperative, especially in the state of the world today, that we teach our children to love themselves inside and out. If we can change a mind, we can change the world."

The Beautiful Things That I Love About Me, which is available on Amazon, is available for purchase, but is in need of money to promote and market the book. has been chosen as the crowdfunding platform to help them put the book in as many hands as possible.

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