L0w1soft, a Coming Start-Up Company, Has Started an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Project

L0w1soft, represented by the 16 year old app developer Loris Wilwert, needs the support of backers around the world in order to finance the formal launching of L0w1soft.

Gonderange, Luxembourg, February 03, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Elevator Jungle, an interactive mobile-based video game designed to simulate adventure and activity in rows of moving elevators, this week officially launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for garnering widespread support and the necessary financial backing to expand and develop the game even farther.

Developed by a 16-year-old programmer with a knack for programming interactive and eye-catching games that will entertain anyone, no matter their age, Elevator Jungle is in need of financial support for further app development and game programming elements.

“Programming is undoubtedly my passion, which is why I pursued the creation of Elevator Jungle on my own dime,” said Loris Wilwert. “The rollout of the game in the Google Play and Apple App Store has eaten up most of my funds, pointing me in the direction of launching an IndieGoGo campaign for sharing my creation and vision with financial backers around the world.”

Wilwert began programming to create awesome self-made games and apps that have never been realized before. The fact that programming is nothing more than a list of instructions strung together to bring an experience to life is what keeps Wilwert behind the computer screen.

“It still fascinates me that by programming a list of instructions, I am able to make brand new, never-before-created games for people to play all over the world,” said Wilwert. “Playing video games is a unique opportunity to satisfy time action needs, social needs, and the needs of environment exploration. I want everyone to share in the gaming experience.”

Wilwert has stated he is committed to developing simple video games, ones with streamlined handling and easy-to-understand interfaces. It’s a challenge to create something stimulating and interesting enough, but also easy to grasp so it appeals to a broad audience. Wilwert says the biggest challenge now is for him to successfully balance simplicity and attractiveness is his gaming creations.

“It has always been a dream of mine to own my own software company, and I am proud to say I’m in the planning stages of launching L0w1soft,” said Wilwert. “It’s all a work in progress, but I look forward to sharing my new game and gaming aspirations with crowdfunders around the world.”

Wilwert began developing Elevator Jungle in January 2016 and officially released it to the app stores in December 2016. The game follows an ordinary man, Jack, who is fed up with his job as a Manager in a Jelly Factory. He decides he wants to tell his boss off, but to do that he must first reach his boss on the 48th floor. And so, the Elevator Jungle is borne into motion.

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