Hungarian Contemporary Artist Hevesi Daniel Marcel Brings Underground Techno Music to the Fine Art World was launched in early January, 2017, with a mission to create a bridge between underground techno music and the contemporary fine art world.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 03, 2017 --( The artist, Hevesi Daniel Marcel, who have been devoted to electronic music since more than 20 years now and based in Budapest, Hungary, choose this subject to create abstract and minimal style paintings, to raise awareness of the artistic side of underground techno music.

"As a music fanatic myself, surrounded by misbelievers in electronic music and abstract art, I aim to find and address a unique layer of audience, who are interested in discovering the new wave of underground techno culture with fine art twist," said Daniel. Despite most fine art intellectuals are biased against electronic music in general, the artist is convinced that by approaching this subject with the right, open-minded attitude, everyone can channel into the beauty of underground techno music.

In his weekly blog posts available at, Daniel explains many different aspects of underground techno music. He writes about the history of techno music, technical aspects of live performances and about the bad influences of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), which genre is never to be confused with pure electronic music, according to the artist.

His abstract and minimal style artworks, inspired by underground techno music, are available for art collectors and music lovers through the artist's website.

Follow the artist to learn more about Daniel's artworks and his future contribution to the underground techno culture.

Contact Information

Hevesi Dániel Marcel
+36304452111 (Hungary)
Hevesi Daniel Marcel