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New York, NY, February 01, 2017 --(PR.com)-- TurtleWise aims to help those in society who continually miss out on mentoring opportunities due to their economic status, lack of access or confidentiality concerns. Many people from lower and middle-class socioeconomic backgrounds, don’t have the robust social networks of individuals from upper middle-class or affluent backgrounds. This phenomenon also disproportionately affects the recent immigrant population, minorities, women and young adults. Finding the right person with the ideal background and experiences who is ready, willing and able to help is no small task. Compounding these barriers are matters of particular sensitivity that are better shared with a neutral, unbiased party as opposed to ones own inner circle. So where do these individuals turn when they have meaningful questions but formidable, very real barriers to finding help?

Kevin Walker, knows what this feels like, and is committed to helping others clear these hurdles. “I was born to a single 16 year old mom,” said Walker. He had many relatives around him offering love and support as well as a spiritual baseline, but he lacked people who could guide him out of poverty and into a successful life based on their own experience and a larger worldview. Decisions like what courses to take in school, how to study, what extracurricular activities to participate in, how to stay out of trouble and how to resist the neighborhood norms were all challenges where good advice and mentorship had the potential to play a pivotal role in his present and his future.

Kevin was very fortunate to meet several people, in formal and informal capacities, from outside his immediate network who filled this void. They were willing to give advice, and he was very eager to listen. “And so, if it hadn’t been for those folks outside my network who were willing to mentor, coach and advise, I would have had a very different trajectory in life,” says Kevin.

He went on to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and earn an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, and have a very successful executive career in the energy industry. His personal life story, is what inspired him to create and co-found TurtleWise.

Mentoring in the digital age can have countless benefits, and TurtleWise provides a platform for good people to find or share advice. It allows for essential guidance to be shared with an audience that may not be able to find it elsewhere. Think of TurtleWise as “the Match.com of advice-seeking.” Both advice seekers (Explorers) and advice giver (Gurus) can see each other’s profile information. This allows the Explorer to receive more personalized advice and for the Guru to have more credibility. Explorers can ask questions to credible, knowledgeable and trusted Gurus, creating an intimate, and confidential conversation within a social network.

When you create your profile on TurtleWise, you’ll enter an aspirational description of yourself which others can see if you so choose, then you’ll complete your profile, adding characteristics, attributes and traits about yourself. The idea is for the app is to mimic the natural world. With TurtleWise’s technology, when you ask a question, you decide who your responses come from (your ideal adviser) as well as if and when you’d like to have a deeper engagement through the direct chat feature.

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TurtleWise is an Experience Social Network and app that connects users as they seek answers to life's many questions. Currently available for download on apple iOs, and online.

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