iDatix’s "Disruptive" Role in Document Management Acknowledged by 451 Group

New York, NY, February 02, 2008 --( The 451 Group, an independent IT analyst company, recently published an Enterprise Software report naming iDatix as an emerging technology firm with potentially disruptive technology for the Enterprise Document Management space.

“Document management, content management and content-centric business process management are now arguably mature, consolidated spaces,” notes Dennis Callaghan, Enterprise Software Analyst for 451 Group. “But iDatix – which plays in all these spaces and adds an application integration tool – remains an interesting company to watch… The potential is there for it to make a disruptive impact in a staid space.”

“Disruptive technology” is a term coined by Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen to describe a new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology.

451 Group’s Market Insight Report on iDatix compliments the emerging technology company for building “significant customer traction” and “long-term profitability without outside funding”. Also, iDatix’s ability to respond to customer demands nimbly was noted as a differentiator.

Callaghan further stated, “With most of the dominant vendors in these spaces absorbed into larger firms, the opportunity exists for a smaller, focused, more responsive vendor to make some headway.”

According to iDatix’s Director of Marketing, Ivan Pena, iDatix has met the challenge of going head-on against IT goliaths in the industry. “We are competing with deep pockets with significant additional resources, but our product features, agility in development and flexibility in solution-building make us a definite force in Document Management and Business Process Management.”

Conversely, in 451 Group’s opinion, iDatix’s lack of brand recognition on the National and Global scale is the main factor inhibiting iDatix’s growth in the Content Management and Workflow markets.

“We think iDatix’s technology is good enough for it to make a move, but it faces an uphill climb in getting the national name recognition and brand awareness it needs to make real progress,” said Callaghan.

“Focus on brand awareness and market development are our top priorities for 2008,” stated Pena.

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