SocksLane Offers Introductory Discounts for Newly Released Cotton Compression Socks on

SocsLane Compression is offering, for a limited time, a steep discount to promote their newly released Anti-allergic Combed Cotton Compression Socks.

Portland, OR, February 04, 2017 --( To create the buzz, SocksLane is releasing a limited quantity of products at a 68% discount on RRP, this unmissable deal is only available on

These new Support Socks are specially made for women who prefer to wear natural fibers in contact with their skin and are manufactured by SockLane to help people enjoy a better quality of life.

Humans have used compression therapy to relieve achy legs as far back as the neolithic era, however, it is just over the last century with the evolution of materials that it has become possible to replace bandages with elastic fabrics.

People sitting or standing for many hours every day such as: nurses, police officers, individuals with lower leg conditions, diabetics, pregnant women and travelers on long flights; do benefit from the regular use of compression socks to aid peripheric blood circulation.

The downside is that such garments, worn for a long time can irritate the skin leading to hypersensitivity. Every year tens of thousands of Americans suffer from different degrees of rashes due to synthetic garments frequently leading to allergic reactions that can become chronic.

The new Ladies Compression Socks by SocksLane solve the problem proposing all the features of a high-quality traditional support garment with the added benefit of containing 65% natural combed cotton and high-quality anti-allergic stretch material.

This exclusive combination decreases the likelihood of discomfort by more than 90% compared to a traditional nylon sock, giving users complete peace of mind regarding skin reactions allowing people to safely wear their compression socks for much longer thus enhancing their effectiveness.

The result is a strong and comfortable everyday use compression sock that will make your legs feel and look good all day for a very reasonable price.

Amanda Dixon co-founder at SocksLane, mom and daily user of compression socks, declared proudly that the company's missions is to increase the quality of life of people with leg conditions whichever their path of life.

The recently released product is proposed in 2 different sizes and soon in many more stylish designs and colors. They are naturally anti-allergic, breathable, strong and easy to put on for maximum comfort and durability.

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Amanda Dixon