Lori’s Original Lemonade Puts a Refreshing Twist on a Centuries Old Beverage

Lori's Original Lemonade takes a fresh and unique spin on the average lemonade. Award winning flavors have taken this brand to the next level and are looking at the largest year of growth in 2017 since the company first began 6 years ago.

Lori’s Original Lemonade Puts a Refreshing Twist on a Centuries Old Beverage
Ventura, CA, February 03, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Lori’s Original Lemonade Creates Unique and Innovative Flavors to Revitalize the Lemonade Industry.

Lemonade is one of the oldest beverages in the world dating all the way back to ancient Egypt 1000 AD. It hasn’t seen much change, if any, since it’s inception centuries ago. Thankfully, Lori’s Original Lemonade has taken a sweet and unexpected twist on this classic beverage with their 3 unconventional, yet delicious flavors: Lavender Lemonade, Ginger Lemonade, and Lemongrass Lite Lemonade. With lemonade seeing a surge in the beverage industry in the last six or seven years, Lori’s Original Lemonade has taken this classic drink to a whole new, and very welcomed, level.

The company’s unique flavor profile started years ago when Founder and Chief Believer, Lori Volk was helping her children with their lemonade stand. She infused their lemonade with a hint of lavender, creating the company’s signature flavor, Lavender Lemonade. Years later, she used this same recipe to begin Lori’s Original Lemonade to help offset the costs of her now grown children’s college tuitions. These distinct infusions have been the key to Lori’s Original Lemonade 6-year history and their success in the market. They recently announced at the Winter Fancy Food Show that they will soon be launching two new flavors, Wild Strawberry and Lemon Love.

With the upcoming launch of these new flavors, 2017 is sure to be a banner year for the company, especially with the recognition they received last year. In 2016, Lori’s Original Lemonade signature flavor, Lavender Lemonade, was awarded the prestigious Beverage World Magazine Best in Show 2016 Award as well as the Gold Award in the juice category. In addition to the lemonades themselves winning these awards, the company was also named by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur 360 List as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America 2016.”

Chief Believer and Founder Lori Volk says there is exciting expansion news coming soon as well. “We are thrilled to be expanding into over 300 locations of a major grocer this coming spring,” says Lori. “We have so many great things on the horizon this year. This is looking to be our biggest year of growth and expansion in our company’s history, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

For a beverage that’s been around for centuries, there’s nothing old or boring about Lori’s Original Lemonade. Each flavor is certified organic and can be found in select retailers throughout California, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alaska.

About Lori’s Original Lemonade
Lori’s Original Lemonade’s Chief Believer/Founder Lori Volk created her signature drink, Lavender Lemonade, years ago for her children’s lemonade stand in Ojai, CA. Fast forward to her young children heading off to college years later, Lori needed to find a way to combat the rising costs of tuition. Lori decided to bottle this signature recipe and officially launched Lori’s Original Lemonade in February 2011. Lori’s Original Lemonade has since grown to include Ginger Lemonade and Lemongrass Lite Lemonade. Lori’s Original Lemonade’s organic and high quality lemonades have been awarded multiple times, including the prestigious Beverage World Magazine’s Best in Show 2016 Award. Lori’s Original Lemonade works closely with their community and is actively involved in fundraising events for local organizations.

For more information about Lori’s Original Lemonade and where to find it near you, visit www.LorisOriginalLemonade.com. For media inquiries and requests for product samples and hi-res images, please contact Rachel Czyzynski at rachel@newlightcommunication.com.
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