Tuvizo Explores New Cycling Fad - Bikepacking

Bikepacking is the new cycling trend that excites old and young bike enthusiasts alike. Tuvizo explores numerous tips and bikepacking bloggers to entice more people to try.

Sarasota, FL, February 08, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Bicycling has been around since late 1800s after German inventor Baron Karl von Drais introduced it to the world. Unlike bicycles, bikepacking is a relatively new term coined to satisfy a new way to enjoy biking. It’s the synthesis of mountain biking and minimalist camping. Enthusiasts do these alone or with loved ones to explore the outdoors.

Bikepacking Hacks

As such since its discovery, many experts have tried it to escape the hustle and bustle of the city through bikepacking. With deepening experience, these experts soon have come up with helpful travel and camping tips. For parents traveling with kids, they highly advisable to pack light and include bike trailers for toddlers. This way, everyone can ride along and can also double as storage space when not in use.

Safety precautions such as prior checks to the wheels, saddle, and bike handlebars will go a long way especially for out of town length trips. First aid and bike repair kits are also must-haves, including wilderness first aid kit on standby, just in case it comes handy with the kids.

Bikepacking Adventures

To add more inspiration, Tuvizo has gathered a list of bikepackers who have blogged about their own experience while atop a saddle. One such blogger includes Mikkel Soya Bolstad who bikepacks around Norway. As a photography enthusiast, Mikkel also features the best shots from his adventures. His blog is called “Backwood Bikepacking” to connote his affinity to the outdoors.

In Alaska, blogger Cass Gilbert has been bikepacking since 2009 on his blog “While Out Riding.” He has reached many points across the world and now travels with his son Sage. Aaron Teasdale on the other hand has been cycling for well almost two decades. He has bikepacked with his two sons and wife. He is a multi-awarded freelance travel writer and photographer.

Another bikepacker, Jeremy Scott Foster also does share his stories and photos on his blog Travel Freak. He also features various gift ideas for travelers. Last on the list is Andy Amick blogging on “Pale Spruce” who is also a proud father to three boys, all of which have accompanied him in his bikepacking travels.

Bikepacking may not sound like the typical activity done by cyclists but there are lots of families who currently enjoy it now globally for not just its travel benefits but fun part that involves building good memories with dear ones.

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Jo Parkes