HNA Network Will Launch The Attic W/ Uncle P, Return Program and Network on Feb 10, 2017

Fridays between 12 pm to 1 on; this show coined "Triple-Play." The Attic is a ‘Oldies but Goodies’ show playing 60s-90s music; upcoming "Triple Play" show includes 3 hit songs of various styles and releases from different eras, including 60s, 70s, and 80s. HNA Network (PDS ENT LLC) will launch “The Tipple Play” on Feb 10, playing 3 sets of hit songs from 60s 3 sets of hit songs from 70s and 3 sets of hit songs from 80s.

Richmond, VA, February 08, 2017 --( Founder of the Attic, Uncle P grew up in New York where he enjoyed a variety of music in all ages. In his teen he used to listen siblings music in 70s, and brothers and sisters music in 60s and younger sisters music in 80s. His main aim was to dust off the albums of 45’s and 60’s era.

In the English history, the music era between mid-1960s and mid 2000s is called The Album Era. This was the era when music albums became dominant after the emergence of CDs with 60s music.

Uncle P developed The Attic under a renowned platform, HNA Network, his show reopens with an old-school music to the new world. His shows consist of a variety of old music for those who love classic songs. Uncle P hopes that the show will bring a new sensation in the lives of those who love a mix of traditional music styles of years past.

HNA network welcomes the older, and newer, music lovers to join stream on the web through PCs, smartphones, and tabs.

You can visit on Friday 10, 2017 to know more about triple play on HNA’s The Attic.
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