Proto Medika Launched a Medical Devices Global Directory

Vilnius, Lithuania, February 09, 2017 --( The company “Proto Medika” launched a website with a global database for medical devices - This is one of the biggest online databases of medical equipment, designed to improve information delivery about medical devices and their manufacturers to people around the globe.

Medical devices are aimed to relieve pain for both clinical work and laboratory research. The latest “Markets and Markets” research shows that the global management devices market will grow until the year 2021 at a CAGR of 8.5%. According to this research, the Asia-Pacific markets will have the highest growth.

Device Informed expects to optimize the search process for a needed medical device with a substantial reduction of time. This online database provides all the necessary information about medical equipment for all stages of medical care. Device Informed provides the information about functionality, need and usage of each medical equipment from its online database.

“Our aim is to connect people in the medical devices sphere and to help organize faster and better communication between manufacturers and their clients,” said Irina Potrebko, the head of the medical devices global directory Device Informed. “Device Informed helps people to find a needed medical device from the best world manufacturers in one place. This year our goal is to make one of the biggest medical devices manufacturers and distributors database on the Internet.”

Global medical directory Device Informed has more than 1500 various categories of the following sections:
1) Primary care equipment
2) Secondary care equipment
3) Rehabilitation equipment
4) Medical technical facilities
5) Medical furniture, logistics equipment
6) Laboratory equipment
7) Dental instruments, equipment
8) Services for medical companies

About Device Informed
Device Informed is an online database of medical devices. This database is useful for medical doctors, biomedical scientists, engineers, hospitals and medical centers. Manually added information about a manufacturer and his product guarantees complete and reliable presentation (description, photo, video, PDF files, characteristic and link to a manufacturer's page). Integration with social media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest provides information to customers about the latest news and devices from the Device Informed catalogue. Simple use of the online catalogue provides a substantial reduction of time for the search process.
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