A Breach of Silence Confront Depression with "Broken" Music Video

A Breach of Silence have released a new music video tackling depression. This is the second music video from their upcoming new album "Secrets" which will be released on February 24, 2017.

New York, NY, February 09, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Australia’s award winning powercore-metal pioneers A Breach of Silence have premiered yet another music video, this time for "Broken." This is the second video clip from their upcoming third studio album entitled "Secrets." "Broken" was written about depression, spawned from a very dark time in the band’s recent past.

The video may be watched at https://www.eclipserecords.com/news/a-breach-of-silence-confront-depression-with-broken-music-video/.

"Broken was written about depression, what it feels like at your lowest," states guitarist Mat Cosgrove. "While we were writing this album, our bassist Blair broke up with his girlfriend and it really tore him apart." Bassist Blair Layt continues, "It reflects a time in my life when I was the most depressed I've ever been. I just broke off an emotionally abusive relationship and my thick skin had been worn thin over its duration. I was suicidal, depressed and defeated. For a short time, I turned to drugs to numb the pain. I shut people out, and I almost forgot what it was like to be happy. Luckily, through the amazing support of friends and family, I managed to pull myself together, and take steps to better my state of mind, and return to the positive place I like to revel in. Looking back now, this song is a reminder for me of how far I've come since then. I hope that any of our fans feel those vibes when listening, and hopefully they may learn through my experience... that no matter how low you are, life can always get better if you allow it to... even if you think it can't."

"Secrets" was produced by Fredrik Nordstrom (Bring Me the Horizon, Arch Enemy, In Flames) and mixed by Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman. It will be released worldwide via Eclipse Records on February 24, 2017.
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