To Assist in This Time of High Foreclosures, Slide-Ezzz Provides Inexpensive Repair Tips for Preparing One's House for Sale

How to inexpensively increase the value of one's home.

Masury, OH, February 04, 2008 --( Slide-Ezzz Sliding Door Repair Products,, a retailer of universal repair products that fix most sliding glass or patio doors, provides the following repair tips to assist homeowners during this time of high foreclosures.

People are getting foreclosed on in record numbers. According to an article on Angie’s List, a popular contractors forum, 35 percent of the respondents to a recent survey are going to be remodeling to increase their homes’ value and are going to be spending $11,000 on average. As housing prices decline and people are trying to get as much out of a home's resell value as possible, there are a few inexpensive tricks to fix, repair or clean things rather than remodel. You can perform some of these yourself while others might need a professional.

Like the old saying goes, “First impressions are the lasting impression”. That being said, look at the outside of your home. As you walk around it, does it look as good as it could or does it look old & tired?

The first thing people see when they pull up to your house is your driveway. If you have a concrete drive and walks, are they turning green and black or look old or are they clean and neat?. As you walk around the outside, does the siding look dull? Is the paint not peeling, but just looks dull? Does your wooden deck look old? A little pressure cleaning can go a long way on these areas.

Paint and siding can be made to look as new as possible by using some household bleach, a little bit of dish soap and using a pressure cleaner to apply it to the house under low pressure. The soap holds the bleach on the wall longer and will make the mold just disappear. There’s no need to beat the vinyl or painted surfaces thereby preserving their appearance and not causing any damage.

A wooden deck can be pressure cleaned to make the wood appear almost like new. A stain can be applied using a roller and pump sprayer to help cover any minor flaws in the wood after pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaning should cost a few hundred dollars versus a few thousand to re-paint your home.

If your drive is asphalt, does it need a new seal coat to make it look “fresh & new“? A few buckets of asphalt sealer and a roller can achieve this look rather inexpensively. Look at the bushes and hedges, do they need trimmed? Is your lawn edged to make it look as neat and clean as possible?

Going inside, are there stains in the carpet? If there are stains on the carpet, you could always call a local carpet cleaning service that offers carpet dying and have those stains blended in versus replacing the entire carpet. This should cost a few hundred dollars versus a few thousand to replace the carpet.

Does your sliding door not slide? There are companies such as “Slide-Ezzz” Sliding Door Repair Products,, that offer universal repair products that will fix most sliding glass or patio doors. The standard price to replace one of these doors is $1,800 to $4,000+, not including any permits or special inspections from the city or county that you may incur compared to the few dollars to put the repair parts in.

Is your bathroom sink and tub or kitchen sink discolored? There are companies that can cost effectively re-finish them at ¼ of the cost of replacing them.

In closing, there are a lot of ways to make a great first impression by inexpensively repairing some of the defects in your home and to maximize the profit in selling it.

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Joe Sirochman