SocksLane Launches Campaign to Promote Nurses Legs Health

SocksLane aims at increasing lower limbs circulatory problems awareness amidst medical personnel.

Portland, OR, February 16, 2017 --( A common problem amongst nurses and healthcare staff are tired and swollen legs. Medical personnel knows all too well how painful their legs can be after a full day standing or sitting.

As Donna H., emergency room nurse, declared: "...the only things I can be sure of is that my legs will hurt at the end of my 12-hour shift...and that, every single day."

To increase awareness regarding the dangers of neglecting legs health, SocksLane will first inform the target public releasing a sequence of reports, blog posts and press releases on appropriate media on the various ways to prevent common problems such as fatigue, inflammations, swellings or varicose veins, and many more. Secondly, they are extending the 68% off discount on their natural cotton compression socks with a series of advertisements aimed specifically at healthcare professionals.

SocksLane's hypoallergenic compression socks are effective in reducing lower limbs tiredness and helping to prevent varicose veins.

Nylon compression stockings can help to lessen swelling and prevent varicose veins, however, they have some major drawbacks.

First, they often unevenly squeeze the wearer's calves and can feel painfully tight. SocksLane's progressive support apply different degrees of pressure to each section of the lower leg and the compression socks maintain their effectiveness remaining comfortable.

The other major problem derives from their composition, conventional compression socks are commonly made of 100% nylon that is known to induce allergic reactions to the skin. Each year thousands of Americans suffer from rashes associated with extended contact with nylon, these can become chronic and develop into chronic allergies.

SocksLane Combed Compression Socks are made by 65% of natural combed cotton blended with high-quality anti-allergic stretch fibers, this exclusive composition drastically decreases the risks associated with skin irritations enabling the user to safely wear them for extended periods of time.

The result is a better-tolerated compression sock that remains comfortable even after a long day walking around a hospital or sitting at a desk.

SocksLane is the leading provider of premium cotton compression socks for everyday life, the company's philosophy is to improve people's lives and minimize the risks relating to skin hypersensitivities.

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