Class Act Books Announces February Romances

Port Townsend, WA, February 17, 2017 --( This month, Class Act Books is releasing another entry in the Space Opera Romance series Adventures of Sinbad by veteran author Toni V. Sweeney and a standalone World War 2 romance by Bob Young.

Sinbad's Pride is Book #4 in the series and is lighter in tone than the preceding novels.

Determined to return his planet to its pre-war glory, Sinbad sh'en Singh finds a loophole in the treaty with Terra, and uses it to open a smuggling base on Felida. When two pride leaders wish an affiliation with his operation and offer their daughters as concubines, Sin finds himself with a very angry wife and has to do a great deal of verbal maneuvering to keep his marriage and his plans from falling apart.

With his usual supreme confidence, the half-feline is certain he can handle it, however.

Author Toni V. Sweeney recently celebrated her 74th birthday and is now publishing her 74th novel. She's been a Class Act author since 2010.

Julia's Bombardier by Bob Young chronicles the story of a young British girl during World War 2. Having lost the man she loved in the war, the last thing young Julia wants is to fall for an American flyer stationed near her village, especially one who's a bombardier.

Love, however, doesn't seem to listen to reason in cases like this.

Bob Howard is also a veteran Class act Books author. He specializes in historical fiction, circa 1942-1954.

Class Act Books is a small press publisher, offering novels and novellas in all genres. This year, the company will be celebrating its fourth year under new ownership.
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